Deputy: Parliament holds firmly but do not decide and be held accountable

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the Christian component Kanna, said on Sunday that the parliament does not marching but decide and be held accountable and watching the prescribed laws.

He said we were told {Euphrates News} Today, on "all political blocs to return to parliament sessions," noting that "the legitimacy of the state and the Iraqi government of the legitimacy of the parliament," adding that "parliament is not marching but decide and be held accountable and watching the prescribed laws."

"We ought to go back under the dome of the parliament and all making statements of ideas and opinions, especially since everyone wanting to reform and change," he said, adding "We hope the return of everyone in the coming days."

He noted "the existence of unremitting efforts and attitudes of seriousness; for the return of parliament and the return of legitimacy to the country."

The demonstrators stormed Saturday 30 April, the Green Zone, and the building of the House of Representatives, and showed videos published by the media attacked the demonstrators {beat} on the number of MPs, including the Second Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Syria, Sheikh Mohammed and Prime Virtue Bloc Ammar Tohme, sparking Hvidh and thoroughly by a number of political blocs to hold new hearings.

But there are many calls for a meeting of Parliament and familiar with the political process, where the MP from the Bloc citizen Rahim al-Darraji said on Saturday, that there is an initiative of the United Nations will be presented in the coming days on the political parties, including the two Kurds and the Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, is to convince the Kurds to return to Baghdad while there are also calls from the mass of citizens and initiatives for the purpose of the return of the House of Representatives sessions are Tabiei.anthy 1