Parliamentary legal: problematic Parliament threw the bleak Western spittle on the Cabinet

2016/5/8 9:10 51 times his read

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}, a member of the parliamentary legal Committee for Kurdistan Alliance Hassan Turan, said Sunday that no meetings of Parliament threw a going astray on the Cabinet and prevented the convening of meetings.
Tauran said in a statement today, {Euphrates news} that "according to the Iraqi Constitution says the legislature in the country is the source of all power, which gives legitimacy in sacking and appointment of all members of the Executive Branch is the legislature then dismiss ministers must have parliamentary approval.

"That's what we hope, but what happened in the last week from penetrating to the Parliament building and attacked its members beat gave the impression of not feeling safe, then all efforts must be coupled so heal full meetings of members and to solve problems and to vote on new Ministers, a majority, according to the Iraqi Constitution."

"The problem of the deputies who had stayed until the Federal Court decision bit their meeting on time and drove out its Presidential Commission plus the provincial Kurdistan Alliance announcement also cast a grim shadow seriously meetings."

He noted that "all these shenanigans foiled the Cabinet meeting which was expected to be held Tuesday and Thursday", calling for "political mobility and quick Government effort to give messages to all representatives that meetings will be in a safe environment."

The demonstrators stormed Saturday 30 April last, green zone, house building, and showed video clips media assault Protesters {beaten} on a number of lawmakers, including second Deputy House speaker Aram Sheik Mohammed, Chief of the parliamentary block of morality, taste, Ammar havidah and deprecate several political blocs to hold new hearings.

However, there are many calls to convene a session of Parliament and picking up the political process, where the citizen block mp Rahim daraji Saturday, said UN initiative would be presented in coming days political parties including the Kurds as House speaker Selim Jabouri does persuade the Kurds to return to Baghdad with too there are calls from citizens and initiatives for the purpose of mass return of House sessions normally. over 1