Foreign meets tomorrow to take a position on the word Kubis Security Council
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad informed source revealed that the Foreign Ministry will be held on Sunday, a meeting to discuss the word of the United Nations Special Representative to Iraq , Jan Kubis delivered by videoconference from Baghdad in the UN Security Council session , which was held on Saturday addressed the situation in Iraq . the source said that "Foreign recorded a lot of notes on the word Kubis about the situation in Iraq and transfer to the Security Council." He added, " the ministry will be held tomorrow deliberative meeting to take a position on the word UN envoy." According to observers that the Kubi sketch of the Security Council , " a bleak picture" about the situation in Iraq. it was the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the UN in Iraq , Jan Kubis told the UN security Council in its meeting on Friday, rejecting the Iraqi political forces of radical reform and considers the demonstrations adopted by the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr 's attempt to take over power. " said Kubis in his speech that Iraq is passing through a "deep and complex political crisis caused stagnation and paralysis in the work of the government and the House of Representatives." It was also considered UN envoy "humanitarian crisis in Iraq among the worst in the world , " expected exodus of two million people renewed their homes during the year, if the intensification of the fighting in Iraq against al Daash. " He pointed out in his speech , also noted that" follow the view that the approach is business as usual in Iraq will not be enough people, people want real change improves the conditions of his life

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