Rafidain Bank and finance are therefore able to recover funds abroad
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at 08:49 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad the balance of news
Rafidain said, it's Saturday achieved important financial supplement its budget after a series measures in rearranging his papers and strengthen the regulatory side to be able to raise its budget, with unaccounted funds pointed out in cooperation with the Ministry of finance.
The Bank said in a statement on behalf of Kamal Hasani received/balance news/copy to "Bank works continuously to improve its performance and enhance its functions and services provided to customers in addition to follow the latest technologies and good legal methods for maintaining balance and strengthen citizens ' confidence in the Bank's reputation.
"The Bank's management in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance contributed to recover money wasted market and abroad since taking office worked with concrete strategic plans based banking and financial contexts adopted at major international banks, which contributed to a strong financial balance."
Hassani pointed to "we're still working on the development of the banking sector and supplementing State institutions and lending to each other to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities as contributing to exit that country's financial distress and new mechanisms and facilities to attract the greatest amount of savings frozen by citizens in order to develop and promote investment and what reverse him n positive results on various sectors. Over 29/4 e

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