Legal Committee: four laws capable of calming the street

04:55 PM

Orient - News Department:
said a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee that the Committee has four important laws and is capable of calming the street. Ibtisam al- Hilali and showed that " the current situation in Iraq is very confusing and there are many laws in the corridors of Parliament and has read the first reading and the second , " pointing out that " the Commission has four very important laws to calm the current situation." She explained that " the first law is the general amnesty , which is very important as well as the Federal Court Act , which also can calm the Iraqi street , the fact that there are objections to the Chairman of the Judicial Council , or the President of the Federal Court and the law when what has been voted on will calms down the street, and the Civil Service Law , which It has read a second reading, in addition to the oil and gas law , which could determine the relationship between Baghdad and the region and identify oil and its revenues. "