Eminence Ayatollah Kazem Husseini Haeri issued a statement on the conflict between th
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Thread: Eminence Ayatollah Kazem Husseini Haeri issued a statement on the conflict between th

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    Eminence Ayatollah Kazem Husseini Haeri issued a statement on the conflict between th

    Eminence Ayatollah Kazem Husseini Haeri issued a statement on the conflict between the political blocs that do not only come with evil for Iraq and the nation


    Amir al-Mo'menin (peace be upon him) said: «after: the Sin mentor the humane world tempter inherited sorrowfully, track contrition.». NAHJ (Subhi Saleh): 8 0.

    Sons of my people oppressed zealot. And my fans, oppressed by politicians. I salute you as you we're defending the harem, and the biggest in my sons in the popular crowd and valiant spirit army forces could contribute and sacrifice for their dignity and pride at a time standing a lot of politicians and its owners a spectator.

    And know my sons Dad for: distinguished fumbles difficulties surrounding you, share you pain plight plaguing your alas, they almost suffocating crisis than most and most complex crisis after the fall of the tyrant to today.

    Political tension to be conceptualized, and Government and administrative corruption, or inattention to overlook what he wants you to your enemies, and the clash of interests between the governing political blocs stretched his limbs into squares and streets to the Parliament.

    Sweltering in a void left by the owners abandoned the responsibility to embrace the task of addressing the origins of corruption, and protect the homeland that whittling into what Unger, We belong to God and to him we shall return.

    Sons of my people and my people. That will be your referential guidance and advise her only for her sons righteous. Immaculate elite of the nation's public and private sector of decent people who still had ear and hand striking reference, this sector is the focus of hope and sacrifice believer into our hope to stand against corruption and achieve the desired reform project for reference, not politicians and Government officials who typically contrived deduction of tips and recommendations, and they show what was in the best interests of the nation than not dragging them useful.

    From this standpoint we discern events via our continuations of what is happening on the dear homeland in recent days until the complete vision, was the conviction, issued this statement which advocated a broad sector of our righteous. Here we do a heart filled with pain and spirit feel sadness and regret at what is going on throughout the country from conflict do not see where any interest for confusing people who regrettably strong beneficiaries devote zolamth and perpetuate his denial.

    Enabled the enemies unless they can achieve, Saudi Arabic capitulation front saw logos that fired against the axis of resistance by the lurking from the Baathists, who had a role in the guidance of some conflicts, and announced publicly on American ground forces, Marines and artillery and Apache helicopters to Iraq, so America could not say if the Islamic and national grade don't distract, and Turkey announced for keep troops in Mosul, which Iraqi Government failed because of vulnerability resulting

    The conflicts even pursue international protest against him, voices resound to commemorate National Guard project that has been akbarh months ago. That's what his paradise contrived conflicts to achieve illegitimate interests in an atmosphere of silence and complicity with the foreign presence on Iraqi situation be offended I was swept by the Division Iraq ordeal after the other political leaders after his allamkhlsh policies.

    Thus, the political process. And decision makers, parliamentarians, politicians, jurists and officials and judges. Cut what you victimed him against that country from destruction and collapse, and what happened to his sons oppressed because of hardships and misfortunes, he fights to defend your honor and your wealth and security, but that drive you to your posts. God in view of this people and money and blood, the darkness of the greatest sins and ugliest sin.

    My sons, my precious. Hey people my parents and my grandparents. I repeat to you today what I mentioned earlier, contents and know: that sin mentor the humane, the world experienced inherited sorrowfully, track contrition.

    So my Dears: that strength with you and you bless what God bless you on your insight, and aware of what is going on around you, and knowing the intentions of your enemies, and he said ' Amir al-Mo'menin (peace): «let us benefit man himself, but the seeing of heard it thinking, and it saw, and use the lessons, then new wire which avoids clear emerging trend in they haven't got spacesuits, astray in almghaoi».

    NAHJ (Subhi Saleh): 214.
    Let it be you awareness, vigilance and foresight necessary, and attend various arenas in social and political life to prevent him others from exploiting your presence or infiltrate your ranks and do not fear anyone in your declaration, shut up, you slackened, you omited, it goes as you see now, you reach your enemy without fear and Boggle, becomes your country when America roam terrain and wandering tails of corrupt profiteers and Baathists and others.

    «Oh God, I'm nshkoa you lost our prayers and God, and Lena's absence, many of our enemy, and low numbers, and severity of tribulation, demonstrated time us, chapter on Muhammad and, consequently, help us open you rush him, revealed she uncovers, and actual victory, Sultan right show».

    And no power except with Allah almighty.

    04 July 1437.
    Kazem Husseini Haeri

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