MP Hassan Turan: cabinet reshuffle and austerity are not reformed and Abadi remedy the situation

May 6, 2016 16:45
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Counting deputy of the Turkmen Front, a cabinet reshuffle and the state of financial and economic austerity "is not reform."

Hassan Turan said that "The main duty of the prime minister must present a paper comprehensive reform is not just confined to change the faces in the ministerial cabin, because reform is not only to change the ministerial cabin without being accompanied by a change in the legislative system lead to legislation laws awaits the country a long time ago as a law General Amnesty and National Guard. "

"As the legislation of the Federal Court Act would lead ultimately to reform the judiciary, which is very important in activating the role of the judiciary and follow-up and the trial of the corrupt and an end to corrupt files accumulated for many years in the corridors of Iraqi courts or since in the Integrity Commission."

He Tauran expressed the hope "that the prime minister can offer a comprehensive vision for reform of the country and then come to the House of Representatives and convince them of the political blocs until it is voted on and move forward to reform if the country because things reached a serious point is critical, especially since Iraq is facing three challenges security head in his war against Daash and economical due to lower oil prices and humane to the presence of millions of displaced people, and thus in front of these challenges, any cabinet reshuffle is not reform Wi austerity measures is not reform, and we need a comprehensive vision. "

The House of Representatives is witnessing a crisis after a sit-in inside a number of MPs demanding to achieve political reform and an end to the quota system and the formation of a government of technocrats, and saw the parliament resolving the crisis after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi made a part of the list of candidates to the Government of technocrats and give them the confidence of Parliament.

The incident developed after protesters stormed most of them followers of the Sadrist movement, on Saturday the Green Zone, the parliament and exposed some members of parliament, including Vice President of Syria, Sheikh Mohammed to beatings, before he withdraws demonstrators last Sunday.

And download Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi responsibility to storm the parliament building and damaging its contents.

Abadi and face the interior minister to pursue the elements that attacked the security forces, citizens and members of the House of Representatives and the sabotage of public property and brought to justice.