Kurds agree with US companies to form a lobby in Washington for their help and support Israel

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Kurds agree with US companies to form a lobby in Washington for their help and support Israel

The New York Times revealed in a report Friday that a Kurdish delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Qubad Talabani had visited the headquarters of Dantonz US specialized law firm and the formation of the pressure group, through its relations with members of the US Congress and decision-makers in order to help Kurdistan in their war on Daash.

The newspaper quoted Talabani as saying that "the Kurdistan region area cash-strapped and is desperately looking for ways to pay for the war effort against Daash after destroying the region's economy because of falling world oil prices and waves of refugees."

He added, "We can not win the war and we are bankrupt. If we had troops on the ground against Daash must support us to stand on our feet."

Comes Qubad Talabani's visit to Washington, which included meetings with officials at the White House and State Department and Pentagon officials on Capitol Hill to pursue in order to get the money to finance a foreign war.

It has been used Qubad Talabani and a small delegation from the Kurdistan tactics similar to those of companies that spend millions of dollars to facilitate decisions at the reins of US power by keeping the five companies to pay their case has been proved that it was effective, resulting in a US obligation to pay $ 415 million in aid for the Peshmerga.

Kurdish officials said they would continue to press for additional money for ammunition and getting armored protective of chemical weapons, vehicles with pressure companies include in addition to Dantonz company and BG Group R run by Lader Rogers, a former senior military in the US military in the state of Bill Clinton as he, in order to support this crowd of pressure has been appointed director of the Kurdish Shirzad Masana first Jewish affairs in Kurdistan in an open appeal for support for Israel to the Kurdish efforts.+

The report added that the Kurds have already obtained the support of the political advisers who are working for the benefit of Israel.