Al-Maliki thank Talabani and Iraqi officials for the success of the Summit and of the baghdadis apologizes
Date: Friday, 30-03-2012 02: 37 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki thanked the Iraqi people and the leadership of the Presidency of the Republic, deputies and security services on the occasion of the successful Arabic Summit.
He said in a speech addressed to the people of Iraq: that like Arabic Summit challenges us preparations and preparations were the highest level results are opening Iraq to Arab surroundings and vice versa.
He added: I apologize to the Iraqi people of perseverance and patience of the security measures imposed upon us because terrorist groups trying to disrupt the Summit, as well as Arabic in Baghdad directed to all countries attending the Summit Arabic Arabic and Security Committee and the information Committee.
It also thanked President Jalal Talabani, head of the House of Osama alngivi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister Hoshyar Zebari and the Supreme Security Committee for the Summit and all State services that have contributed to the success of the Summit.
He singled out the Al-Maliki thanked the security organs in all configurations that have nights and b "thwarting terrorists to derail the Summit through prosecution chase them./finished/l. Eng