Keywords denies the existence of a political movement to change Abadi and reveals another goal to him


BAGHDAD / .. denied the leadership of the National Alliance on the Keywords, Thursday, and there are movements within the coalition in order to change the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a scout for a political movement to re-convene the House of Representatives sessions.

Keywords and he said for "Eye of Iraq News," that "there is no political movement from the forces of the National Alliance for the change, Prime Minister and other charismatic and issue about it is personal," noting that "there is a political movement for the reinstatement of the House of Representatives as soon as possible ".

And between, it "can not abandon the legislative institution they proceed from the laws pertaining to a citizen of the reforms do not pass reforms without the House of Representatives."

As informed sources revealed on Thursday, with ongoing negotiations between the national components of the coalition, seeking to replace Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in the "earliest opportunity", indicating that "the negotiations after failing entered the tunnel regional and international agreements that do not look deep yet, especially since the American side showed flexibility in choosing an alternative to al-Abadi, after it was considered most appropriate for the stage, as well as the Iranian side, who confirmed to the National Alliance parties consent to any candidate is Tkadimh.anthy 9