Four files against Saleem al-Jubouri, including charges of "terrorism"


BAGHDAD / .. MP for the National Alliance Iskandar and berries, Thursday, for the presence of four files against Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, including charges of "terrorism," noting that the political pleasantries hid those files.

Said Tut's "Eye of Iraq News," that "al-Jubouri, lost his legitimacy as president of the parliament after the House vote on his dismissal with his presidency and its attachment to the chair and audacity," he said, "Salim al-Jubouri, the four files, including charges b (terrorism) before becoming president of the parliament, but political spheres and quotas hid those files for the judiciary and public opinion. "

Saleem al-Jubouri and travel to the region next week, and berries that "political visit and has no right to visit any confirmed as official head of the House of Representatives is the loss of legitimacy," adding that "most Jubouri visits are as political and partisan."

The House of Representatives voted sitters, earlier, on the dismissal of Salim al-Jubouri of the presidency of the parliament with his two deputies, in what was described Jubouri his dismissal as illegal and unconstitutional. Ended 9