Kurdish blocs will meet today to set "conditions" Back deputies to Baghdad


BAGHDAD / .. The chairman of the parliamentary block change Hoshyar Abdullah, on Thursday, for a meeting of the Kurdish blocs to set the conditions for the return of the deputies to the capital of Baghdad to participate in the next House of Representatives sessions.

He said Abdullah's "Eye of Iraq News", "Abadi bear what is happening in the Iraqi arena, which is responsible for the entry of demonstrators to Parliament by protecting green article region, an official statement," explaining that "the Kurdish groups will not return deputies to Baghdad after placing terms and conditions and approved by the government in Baghdad. "

He added, "There are a lot of outstanding disputes between Erbil and Baghdad and should be resolved those differences, and otherwise does not return to the deputies of the Kurds to Baghdad," he said, "Abadi failed Iraqi state administration and is not valid in order to complete his career it is necessary to change it."

He left the House of Representatives Kurds Baghdad after storming Al_khasra area by following the Sadrist movement and attacks on some of the House of Representatives, including the deputy speaker of parliament Kurdish leader Aram Sheikh Mamed.anthy 9