Call demanding not to "stick to" stay away from the sites and modifications "prosthetic"

The number of visits: 411 Published on: 5/5/2016, 18:25 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

Parliamentary bloc, called for the Islamic Dawa Party-Iraq Organization, on Thursday, the political blocs not to "stick" of sites and providing "great sacrifices" commensurate with the size of the support it has received from the audience, as called for amendments to move away from "prosthetic".

The head of the bloc MP Khaled al-Asadi in a press statement: "I hope to all the political blocs to give priority to the national interest and not to continue to uphold the sites and make great sacrifices commensurate with the support it has received these blocks from the audience."

Asadi said that "it is unfair to the continuation of the political crisis and the lack of agreement on solutions within the framework of the Constitution and the legal system to achieve comprehensive reform of the public and restores hope," while stressing the need to "get away from the prosthetic adjustments."