Maliki: Baghdad summit formed a new turn, and security was the biggest challenge for us

30.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad - where progress Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki thanked the Iraqi people and the leaders of my presidency of the Republic and House of Representatives and the security services on the success of the Arab summit. he said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people on Friday to mark the end of the summit of Baghdad, said "the Arab summit conference like a challenge for us and the preparations and preparations the highest levels and the results were the opening up of Iraq on the Arab world and vice versa. " Maliki said that "the Baghdad summit formed a new turn, as pointed out Arab leaders do and watched the warm hospitality in a detailed timeline for the meeting and consultation issues faced by the region." He said, "On this occasion, I thank thanks to the President and the Speaker of the Parliament and all members of Parliament who attended the summit of Baghdad and the Iraqi people congratulations and applause and approval, including verification of your success in this important event, and we thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their efforts and for their organization. " and the al-Maliki "was security The biggest challenge for us but thanks to the efforts of the security forces and the prosecution of gangs is to provide an appropriate atmosphere to host the Arabs. " He explained, "I would also like to thank the media committee supreme head and members, as well as satellite TV, which was the subject of admiration." The Maliki apologized to the citizens of Baghdad a result of troubles they have endured as a result measures in order to secure the capital Baghdad because of attempt of terrorist groups to block the Arab summit. " and that "the results of the Arab summit was fantastic, successful and was the return of Baghdad to the Arabs and the return of Arabs to Baghdad." He said "What happened is a big thing we are trying to achieve in order to access to political and economic integration Arab. " and wished al-Maliki that "reconciles God the Iraqi people even realized all the wishes and the provision of services and openness to all countries of the world and to achieve economic prosperity." The Arab Summit edition of the [23] in Baghdad concluded yesterday in the presence of all members of the the exception of Syria, the Arab League, including nine Arab leaders, has yielded the Summit declaration of Baghdad containing the [49] article, which dealt with a crisis, the Syrian and Palestine and the importance of the prohibition of weapons of mass destruction in the region and raise the level of cooperation between Arab countries and several other things.

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