Baghdad Investment allow 90 commercial center: encourage contribute to reducing import projects


Baghdad / long - Presse

Announced Investment Authority, Baghdad, on Wednesday, granted licenses to 90 large and small commercial center in the capital, attributed the reasons for the rapid return of them compared to other projects that achieve profits after a longer period, while confirming the completion of 70% of the floating on the banks of the Tigris restaurant in Jadriya project , central Baghdad, at a cost of five million dollars, and promised that the project would be "one of the landmarks of the capital."

The head of the Shaker Zamili, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Commission approved the establishment of twenty major commercial center and more than 70 commercial center small sizes in the Karkh and Rusafa," noting that "many of these centers have already opened and the other under construction or approval In coordination with the secretariat of Baghdad to take into account the design basis of the capital. "

Zamili attributed to "go about investing in large commercial centers, caused by a rapid return them compared to other projects that achieve profits after a longer period," adding that "the body began to move towards health, education, industry, tourism and payment at them because of their economic importance and reduce import projects , although it all depends on the overall situation of the country. "

He Zamili "The Baghdad Investment Authority and the basis of the principle of the adoption of the tourist and commercial resources in the recovery of the local economy and make it new wealth of the country, proceeded to make way for a number of investment companies that aspire to the development of various sectors, including the tourism sector, which was the idea of ​​the new style of the projects they intend to establishment in Baghdad to give them the appropriate image and they deserve as the capital. "

Zamili added that "among these companies in particular trade, contracting and services company, which implemented the project floating restaurant on the banks of the Tigris River in the Jadiriyah district at a cost of five million dollars, which approached the percentage completion of the 70%," noting that "The project consists of a restaurant with three floors and a ballroom and the parking lot, where he will provide all high and desired by the Baghdadi citizens away from the monotony found in other restaurants of quality services. "

Zamili and stressed that "the company has used a combination of tradition and civilization in the construction of the project that would make him one of the most important capital city landmarks," noting that "the body is working to attract capital and according to the plan developed by since the start of its work, in addition to providing all the support and support for investment companies."

The Baghdad Investment Authority announced that, in the (16 March 2016), 341 grants leave during the past five years for projects costing up to $ 15 billion, confirming its cooperation with the secretariat of Baghdad to allocate the necessary land for such projects.

Revealed Baghdad Investment Authority, the (second from February 2016), the presence of more than 300 investment projects in the capital, while the completion of 45 of them at a cost of two billion and 800 million dollars confirmed, complained stopped 150 of them because of "red tape."

It is said that Baghdad Investment Authority confirmed in August 2015, he had agreed with the Baghdad Municipality and Ministry of Finance to allocate necessary to implement approximately 40 projects land have been approved during the past two years, indicating that the preliminary work began to build the largest shopping mall in the capital, and it will open soon, four hospitals and several other of commercial centers.

The parliament approved during its meeting of 32 of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the third parliamentary session, which was held in, (27 October 2015), the Second Amendment to the Investment Law, No. 13 of the 2006 Act.