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    Bgg newstime 5/4/2016

    bgg says(7:37 PM):
    Ok Hutchster... Thanks for that
    and all the folks that make DU what it is.
    You guys are all great...

    Hutch says(7:37 PM):

    bgg says to Hutch(7:38 PM):
    Let's answer a few Q's first - I have some long articles and commentary (for those interested - in their investment)...
    (BTW - I have to take a very short break at about 8pm CST - I'll be right back)...

    Hutch says(7:38 PM):

    bgg says to Hutch(7:39 PM):
    I plan on being here a while

    Go ahead... someone has a ??

    Hutch says(7:39 PM):

    larrykn says(7:39 PM):
    lots of news on Sadr today what is your take on it

    bgg says to larrykn(7:40 PM):
    I am gonna' cover that in depth - later tonite.

    misterq says(7:40 PM):

    misterq says(7:41 PM):
    What is the status of Maliki TY

    Hutch says(7:42 PM):

    bgg says to misterq(7:42 PM):
    he is still in Iraq with some standing but has been dealt some serious defeat lately... I am going to cover this in-depth in a bit.

    Hutch says(7:43 PM):

    bgg says to Hutch(7:43 PM):
    That it??

    Hutch says(7:43 PM):


    jtcolorado says(7:43 PM):
    i am a first time here so I hope this is right ..

    Hutch says to jtcolorado(7:44 PM):

    jtcolorado says(7:44 PM):
    I have a question about what MrWhite commentend on inregards to Abidi forming new 'groups' and ridding the old ones ..?
    I am starting to possibly see that happening and could the RV take place during this long procees of changing such a large formation of 'government'?

    localcats says(7:46 PM):
    Is Al Baghdadi dead?

    Hutch says to jtcolorado(7:47 PM):

    Hutch says(7:47 PM):

    jtcolorado says(7:47 PM):
    Ok, thank you.

    bgg says to localcats(7:47 PM):
    I heard that - not sure yet.

    Pablo says(7:48 PM):

    Pablo says(7:48 PM):
    I saw in chat earlier that Iraq has accepted Article 3, is that true, if so, what does that entail?

    bgg says to jtcolorado(7:49 PM):
    I think that is accurate... RV could take place soon for a lot of reasons - once Abadi has a handle on things.

    jtcolorado says(7:50 PM):
    If it's true that Kawait RV when their government wasnt' in place, And if history could repeat its self, I would love to see what steps happen if this is a repeat. I know Mr. White will hopefully comment further. Just curious if this is what is happening ... seems like it. Thanks BBG!

    bgg says to jtcolorado(7:50 PM):
    OK here we go.
    Q & A is over for now...

    bgg says(7:52 PM):
    A couple of main factors to keep in mind about recent events are these...

    1) This recent "dust up" in Iraq is not "sectartian", tribal or political in nature - it's ALL ABOUT THE ECONOMICS.

    2) There were 2 distinctly different events...

    the first was the Maliki ispiried s

    inspired "sit-in" - WITHIN the Parliament bldg... about 170 MP's (probably mostly crooked B@$8@%*s - showed up)... that was a while back - right before the "kangaroo Parliament" session ousting Jubouri...

    this ultimately intended to be a "movement" by the bad actors to remove Jubouri, Massoum AND Abadi...

    OBVIOUSLY - based on some later news - it FAILED MISERABLY.

    (good news for us)...

    The second - AND DISTINCTLY separate event / happening was the Sadr inspired EXTERNAL demonstration - those "sitting-in" OUTSIDE of Parliament (and ultimately breaking in and causing some minimal damage) - that 160 MIL USD figure is pure BS.

    (160 MIL USD in damage - that is...)

    OK - so 2 VERY SEPARATE happenings...

    Maliki doing his dangest to unseat Abadi... (ask yourself why...)

    (which failed)


    Sadr mobilizing a HUUUUUUUUGE protest / "sit-in" which actually favors Abadi GREATLY... they both want REFORMS (as do we...)

    Huuuuuuuuuge (Trump speak...) - which BTW - on the surface, at least - the Donald is the MOST VOCAL PROPONENT OF "CURRENCY PARITY" - in all the world and in all of HISTORY. We will see if his lingo matches his actions (hopefully).

    which means - he beats on countries that "manipulate" their currency - Iraq is WILDLY UNDER-VALUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (by all credible reports)

    Here's some News based commentary -

    Okk - before we get to the meat of it...

    here's a couple of GOOD Headlines..

    Will Abadi resign??

    Read More:

    ONLY TALKING ABOUT Resigning from the Dawa Party...

    not the PM job.

    BIG DIFF!!

    Carter defends Iraq’s Abadi, says he remains in ‘strong position’

    Read More:

    That is the US backing Abaid - big time... (though I still worry about our resolve on the matter - Obama basically bowed before THE KING again last week ...) - very troubling.

    All of the above is on THE BLOG for today...

    bgg says(8:21 PM):
    I apologize - I wiffed on that commentary from yesterday I alluded to...


    Here is the main piece I will use tomorrow (sometime later in the day) - along with commentary...

    Will secular parties gain upper hand in Iraq?

    Read More :

    bgg says(8:23 PM):
    NAJAF, Iraq — Islamist parties have dominated the Iraqi political scene since the first elections in 2005 after the fall of Saddam Hussein. As a reaction to their long history of being repressed under Saddam's regime — a repression that included leftist and liberal currents — those parties gained more support. The Islamist parties’ failure in managing the country has given a boost to secular and civil currents, and the Iraqi street is currently witnessing a significant growth of these currents through the protests that have been going on since last year.

    As Islamist parties now fear losing their electoral support on the Iraqi street, they are trying to move closer to the civil currents by adopting their rhetoric and protests, and by trying to scare the citizens away from the secularists.

    (What they are really afraid of - is losing their place at the "trough" - these guys having been BLEEDING IRAQ DRY!!)

    Some Islamist parties, such as the Islamic Dawa Party, have accused the secularists of intending to destroy religion in Iraqi society. In his speech April 9 in Babil province, head of the Dawa Party Nouri al-Maliki said that the goal of the ongoing protests is not reform, but "targeting the Islamist project and Islam itself." He added, "They are saying that Islamists must leave their government positions and go to their mosques and Husseiniyas [Shiite houses of worship]."

    (this is TOTAL BS - not their assesment - but Maliki's public position. HE'S NO ISLAMIST... Maliki is a prototypcial WEDGE POLITICIAN. He sees a way to create and advantage and starts driving a wedge... this is his MO!!)

    Maliki’s speech came in response to recent demands to form a government of technocrats instead of the current sectarian and partisan quota system. Maliki expressed his concern about the demands that would overthrow the Islamist parties in favor of secular technocratic figures, saying, "When we talk about forming a government, they talk about technocrats. They say that independents should lead the country, but aren’t there Islamists who are technocrats and hold advanced degrees and are professionals? In fact, we have got more [of them]!”

    (If Maliki had such great minds and technocrats - why did he fail so MISERABLY??)

    (P.S. More doesn't = better...)

    It seems that Maliki is dealing with the current events by trying to scare the citizens away from the secularists and his Islamist rivals who are sympathetic to the reform project put forward by the secularists.

    While the secular currents are the ones that proposed a technocratic government, now the current prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, has adopted it.

    (These are the roots of the Abaidi - "technocrat government" - this is what he wants...)

    (The golden words - I did point out, the other day - the budding alliance between Sadr and Abadi... ) - a couple of people scoffed... because they can't tell the difference betweein "orbit News" - which is a bad translation for S-K-Y

    and this is GOOD!!

    Sadr has called for demonstrations in front of the Green Zone, and he has joined the protests there to support a technocratic government.

    (this was the 2nd event I pointed out earlier...)

    In his April 9 speech, Maliki referred to the rapprochement between some Islamists and secularists, saying in a regretful tone that the secularists have found others to echo their “technocrat” argument. These Islamists then grew frightened that the vision to hand over state matters to independent technocrats would be realized.

    He said, "If the conspiracy to hand over the state matters to independent technocrats, then Islam and the Islamist project will be targeted.”

    (they'll TAKE YOUR RELIGION!!) - sounds desperate...

    Yet the country’s situation is significantly volatile. After Abadi put forward his list of technocratic candidates, a number of Islamist parties, including the Islamic Virtue Party, directed several accusations at the candidates, including that some of them were Baathists or Salafists, and that, in the end, they are unfit to take ministerial posts.

    (then Maliki accuses these new technocrats of being Saddam loyalists or Saudis - now which is it?? - or just unfit to run a Muslim country)...

    Objections to the technocrat list led to an internal consensus among a number of Islamist parties — including the Badr bloc, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and the National Forces Alliance — to put forward a new list of ministers on the basis of partisan quotas among themselves.

    The agreement was called an honor document and was signed by President Fuad Masum, parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri and Prime Minister Abadi, in addition to Islamist party leaders Ammar al-Hakim, Hadi al-Amiri, Osama al-Nujaifi, Hussain al-Shahristani, Saleh al-Mutlaq, Jamal al-Karbouli, Hashem al-Hashemi and Faleh al-Fayad.

    These are all the most corrupt jokers in IRAQ!! They all came up with a new list - and opposed Abadi's list... AGAIN BASED on their sectarian party lines... NOT COMPETENCE. Round and round they go... (hang in there - I'm getting to it...)

    After the new agreement was announced, the members of parliament of the State of Law Coalition, which is led by Maliki, and other parliamentarians held a sit-in in parliament, demanding the dismissal of Masum, Jabouri and Abadi, in preparation for a new agreement among parliamentary blocs to ensure the coalition a share in the next government.

    This is the deal and 2nd instance I was talking about earlier... IT FAILED.

    US is (amazingly) supporting Abadi - even after Obama voiced concerns about Abadi to the Saudi King... MAINLY because Sadr and ANY association with him scares the living DAYLIGHTS out of the US.

    in reality - Sadr just wants the lights to stay on for 24 hours in a row (lol)

    It is clear that Maliki is defending the so-called Islamist project to preserve the influence and power of his parliamentary bloc in the government and to prevent the rise of rivals, whether or not they are secular. Throughout the governments of Maliki and his successor Abadi, Iraq has been managed in a way that no one would call an “Islamist project” in the face of a secular project.

    (Reality is - they got this part right... he's trying to "save his spot at the trough"...)

    The only common feature among those governments was failure. This is what the Shiite authority in Najaf, Ali al-Sistani, has realized. Sistani subsequently withheld his support from all Islamist parties, and the Dawa Party in particular. He criticized these parties and blamed them for the country’s deteriorating security situation and financial crisis.

    However, with this part - I very much disagree... the Maliki GOI failed due to RAMPANT corruption, theft, waste and pure, unbridled, PARTISAN POLITICS...

    The Abadi GOI - is not succeeding due to "left-over corruption" - and Parliamentary paralysis along sectarian and criminal boundaries. FACT.

    In fact, the relationship between Sistani and Maliki has been strained since the end of 2010, when Maliki began his second term. The Shiite authority has declined to meet Maliki since then, harshly criticized him and clearly worked to prevent him from getting a third term in office.

    The Islamist parties are witnessing a major crisis. They have lost the support of the religious establishment and are facing a popular protest movement opposing them, with some of the protesters being Islamist themselves. Thus, these parties are suffering from diminished religious and popular legitimacy, indicating the possibility that a secular discourse may soon emerge to rival that of the Islamist parties.

    IMHO - Iraq (as are many countries) is on the verge of a MAJOR political shift TOWARD THE POPULIST sentiment - (meaning the will of the people)... they are sick of these crooks STRIPPING THE COUNTRY bare and are doing something about it...

    That is probably enough for one night... (I've got another hour or two I could cover...) :D

    Hutch says(8:54 PM):
    WOW that little green pen has been SMOKIN !!!

    Hutch says(8:54 PM):
    any questions or comments?

    Dr Dave says(8:54 PM):

    Hutch says to Dr Dave(8:54 PM):

    hunter59 says(8:54 PM):
    This is a critical time in Iraq and our investment

    risk says(8:55 PM):
    Thanks BGG...Do you expect Abadi to succeed?

    Hutch says to hunter59(8:55 PM):

    watson1 says(8:55 PM):

    Hutch says to risk(8:55 PM):

    bgg says to hunter59(8:55 PM):
    It is - very critical.

    larrykn says(8:55 PM):
    please use your ? ty

    Dr Dave says(8:55 PM):
    should I post that Forbes list to reveal the amounts stolen?

    bgg says to risk(8:56 PM):
    I very much do - think about it... this was MSM Arabic News. They know it... Maliki knows it... and Maliki knows they know it... it's over for him...

    risk says to bgg(8:56 PM):

    bgg says to risk(8:56 PM):
    which is the WORST KIND OF KNOWING :D

    bgg says to jtcolorado(8:57 PM):
    Stay tuned. I'll run our E-Mail list again soon. Maybe tomorrow nite.

    bgg says to Dr Dave(8:57 PM):
    No - that is for the next session...

    bgg says to Dr Dave(8:57 PM):
    I have a "kinda' crazy view point" on the whole thingy...

    Dr Dave says(8:58 PM):
    hehe.......alot of very familiar names .....

    bgg says to Dr Dave(8:58 PM):
    DFI + Oil Production + CBI reserves = ?? (where did it go - and why??)

    willie60 says to bgg(8:58 PM):
    Great stuff. Thank you

    Hutch says(8:58 PM):

    jtank says(8:58 PM):

    bgg says to Dr Dave(8:58 PM):
    (and I will cover it in depth soon...)

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