Religious authority urged Iraqi leaders to take action to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
30/03/2012 14:02
30/03/2012 14:02

Karbala, March 30 / March (Rn) - A representative of the religious authority Ali al-Sistani in Karbala openness of the political blocs on one another after Iraq's success in hosting the summit, Arab leaders urged the importance of removing Iraq from Chapter VII.

samaha said ahmed al ssafi samaha said ahmed al ssafi
Ahmed al-Safi, the Friday prayer in the courtyard Husseini, Karbala, "The divergence of views between the political parties a health issue but what is happening in Iraq, said the differing views taken grants another, and gave a grim picture of the political situation in the country for some of the media."

He added that "Iraq's success in hosting the Arab summit is a success for everyone and it has to be to exploit this success to the openness of the political parties on some of them because any political party would be unable to cancel the other hand, being a partner in the political process and that Iraq needs to jumps in the level of thinking"

He stressed the importance of the net that "Iraq's political thinking is completely detached from racism and way of thinking seeks to raise the level of his country and this can not get through, but stay away from conflicts and factional interests to look for the public interest."

He said Friday sermon preacher, Karbala that "Iraq is a rich country, but there are many poor people who do not benefit from the wealth of their country as he does not have any hope for the Iraqi people that will benefit from the wealth in the future and this is built on the impact of the outbreak of the great differences that hit the political situation and economic Iraqi" .

In another context, finding the net presence of three international organizations like the United Nations and the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Action to Baghdad summit is very important to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, especially after the implementation of all international resolutions. "

He added by saying "Iraq is not now as it was ten years ago and on the Arab states that seeks to rid it of those limitations (Section VII) and that Iraq is an Arab brothers that they would seek to lift the sanctions so that the country takes its role effectively in the Arab world."

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