Vice chest pledging an end to corruption and the abolition of the quota system is not used "money power" upcoming elections

2016-05-04 23:11:23 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

MP for the Liberal bloc Awad al - Awadi, on Wednesday, that his bloc "surprised" to enter the demonstrators to the Green Zone on Saturday, and while calling to maintain " the prestige of the citizen", subject to end corruption , the abolition of the quota system and the non - use of "money power" next election.

Al - Awadi said in an interview on "unexpected" which aired Sumerian, " The people on the disgruntled and desperate government quotas political class," pointing out that "we could not hold to account any one of the spoilers because of the quota system."

Al - Awadi said that "Some say that the popular movement , which only recently got my chest, but we did not know , either closely or from afar to enter the demonstrators and were surprised by this," calling at the same time to "preserve the prestige of the citizen."

He continued that "corruption and quotas are two sides of the same coin and can not eliminate one without the cancellation of the other , " stressing the need to "non - use of money power in the next elections to be free and fair."

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al - Hakim expressed on Wednesday his rejection of what he described as a "kidnapping" of the House of Representatives by parliamentarians protestors or demonstrators , "Mnflten , " pointing to the presence of semi - organized campaign to "break the prestige" of the Council, as warned politicians said they were "ready to burn Iraq. "

And it broke into angry groups of demonstrators on Saturday (April 30, 2016), the Iraqi parliament building, while others came to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers building in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, to protest against the lifting of the parliamentary session without a vote on the complete cabinet reshuffle, while then decided start open - ended sit in the courtyard of the celebrations inside the green.

However, crowds of protesters began the next day to withdraw from the hall and toward the gate of the legislation, and that after the announcement of the Organizing Committee of the sit - ins in Baghdad out of the Green "respected" the region to visit the Imam al - Kazim (AS), but they are threatened at the same time to return to the region after the end of the visit for the purpose of "reform" of the political process.