America will meet with the 11 countries discussed the intensification of the campaign against Iraq Daash
Wednesday 04-05-2016
| 2:16:35
News / collected US defense ministers of 11 countries to hold talks on Wednesday on ways to intensify the campaign to organize the Islamic state a day after a US soldier was killed in an attack by the militant group in Iraq.

He said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to his counterparts that despite the gains made in recent times, "the end of the fighting is still very far away."

He said at the start of the talks in the US Army European Command headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany "proved this point perfectly yesterday's attack on the peshmerga forces in northern Iraq, killing unfortunately killed a US soldier."

Participated in the talks and defense ministers of France, Britain and Germany were planning to conduct long before the news, which was received on Tuesday reported the death of one of the elements of the Special Operations of the US Marine Corps forces in northern Iraq when he broke fighters of the Islamic State Kurdish defenses and overran the town.

This is the third American to be killed in direct combat action since the US-led coalition began a campaign in 2014 to destroy the Islamic state.

The United States announced in mid-April to send 200 extra troops to Iraq and deployed the largest close to the battlefront to advise Iraqi forces in the war against the militant group.

In late April, US President Barack Obama is sending an additional 250 troops from Special Operations forces to Syria in a large increase in the US presence on the ground there and to help attract more Syrian fighters to fight the Islamic state.

Critics said Obama that progressive steps are still insufficient.

Carter said the US-led coalition need to look for opportunities to do more, although it has expressed confidence that the campaign will succeed in the end.

He said, "With your help .. will proceed at a faster pace."

And it retreats Islamist militants to a large extent since December when the Iraqi army wrested control of Ramadi, the largest city in western Iraq. Iraqi army and regained control of the area near the Heat last month Voghebr militants to move north along the Euphrates River valley.

But US officials acknowledge that the military gains are not enough.

Iraq has suffered political disagreements and corruption and a growing financial crisis, the government and the Shiite-led efforts are being made in an effort to reconcile with the Sunni minority in the country