US State Department: Abadi works well on political reform

admin Last update: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 21:03
US State Department: Abadi works well on political reform

US State Department renewed its emphasis to support and strengthen the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the Iraqi people, and a commitment to the strategic partnership between the two countries, indicating that the long-term solution to Iraq lies in good rulers, and that Abadi works well on political reform.

Said US State Department spokesman John Kirby: In a press statement, I have, "we said in the past that he must work on the long-term challenges in Iraq, in the context of the Iraqi political system and according to the Constitution,

and call in conjunction with the United Nations and the European Union all parties to the cohesion and contribute to the the political process to develop the interests and wishes of all the Iraqi people, we have said previously unknown,

as Minister John Kerry said before the period from now when we were in Baghdad, we will continue to support the strengthening of the Prime Minister Abadi, the Iraqi people, at a time when we are working to develop this goal, we continue our commitment to strategic partnership between the two countries. "

He added that "we continue to support and strengthen Iraq and the Iraqi people in their fight against Daash, show the attacks that took place this weekend on Shiite pilgrims,

for example, in Baghdad, Samawa, that Daash still an enemy difficult intends to exploit the violence to ignite sectarian tensions at a time to continue when the Iraqi security forces,

the progress of the defeat on the battlefields, and the other events that took place in Baghdad this weekend was important, but it did not affect our operations against Daash,

America and its partners in the international coalition the end of this week carried out 59 raids on Daash positions in northern Iraq and Anbar ".

He Kerry "We will continue to support the Iraqi security forces from the areas of training and counseling and aid her, and also say that we welcome the continued efforts of the Iraqi government and political leaders who unite quickly to restore security to Baghdad,

for Iraq to continue to work on important priorities such as the immediate need to innovate in the battle and other efforts to achieve international economic support for Iraq, which seeks to restore stability to Anbar and other areas that have been restored from Daash and control and to encourage economic reform there. "

He noted that "we do not want to see demonstrations, acts of violence against any person, many times heard me and I say that we support the rights of people to demonstrate peacefully and freedom of expression in all the world,

no one wants to violent acts occur and no matter who are the victims, but I repeat that I I think it's important that we go back a little bit back, and remember that the long-term solution to Iraq lies in the referees good,

we have said so many times, this is the way, which routed Daash, and Ihbthm on the battlefield, they are always fail on the battlefield, but it is for the continuation of this failure, there must be good rulers, and Prime Minister al-Abadi works well on political reform to achieve this, we will continue to support these efforts, it is certain that violence against anyone in Iraq because of the protest events is concerned.