The coalition of the wise: the Kurds will not return to the political process unless they achieve this .. and Saovdon Sistani
Wednesday 04-05-2016
| 8:50:24
Twilight News / MP citizen Bloc Rahim al-Darraji, on Wednesday called for the formation of a group of conscious Shiite leaders headed by the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim to embrace the Shiite project entitled the National Alliance, and ask a draft political solution, and are put on the Sunni component, the component Kurdish.

He said al-Daraji told the Lord of Twilight News, said he "must-sheet political solution include the formation of a new government, far from the mentality that Iraq has led in previous years," noting that "until now, the political situation is confusing, and the solutions are not clear-cut, and there is a divergence in the ways of the political blocs "he pointed out that" the National Alliance is still distracted, and possess a vision and strategy, but some of his limbs and seriously seeking to demand the dismissal of the Iraqi government, led by al-Abadi, who is a head of the disasters in Iraq because it is the rule of the former with the same mentality that destroyed Iraq and thrown away his land and his money "he expressed his hope that the coalition is aware of this responsibility and be accountable, to hold him accountable himself before the Iraqi people; because the National Alliance, is what constitutes a majority in parliament."

He said the "Kurds their position now began Atsaab more and more, I do not think there will be a return to the political process is not achieved many of their demands," adding that "There are reports that the Kurds will make up the delegation goes to the highest religious authority Ali al-Sistani (long live) to display the map the new way about their cooperation with Baghdad. "

Darraji said in his statement that "the component and the Sunni are now divided into three parts, department looking for the resignation of Saleem al-Jubouri, the department seeks to establish a political majority to oust the three presidencies, the department still lost between the first and second party."