Jubouri wants the United Nations to bring the views and an end to political crisis
10:10:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Saleem al - Jubouri, the importance of cooperation between all parties to assume their responsibilities and to get out of the current political crisis through serious and genuine dialogue, calling for the United Nations to play its role in bringing the views of ending the crisis.

This came during a meeting with Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament, in his office in Baghdad , Special Representative of the UN Secretary - General Jan Kubis .. Where During the meeting , they discussed the developments of the Iraqi scene and ways out of the political crisis in Iraq.

Jubouri pointed out that overtaking on the upper state institutions and the people 's deputies and staff in Parliament is completely unacceptable and die to demonstrate peacefully onion, and the sabotage of the legislative institution will contribute to the reform project , which seeks to him everyone delay.

For his part, Kubis support the United Nations to respect the law and the Constitution, and refuses to encroach upon the constitutional institution and its staff and elected House of Representatives, because of the harm to the prestige of the state, the Constitution and the law.

Thousands of protesters stormed into the Green Zone , the seat of parliament last Saturday by demonstrators , mostly from Sadr 's movement after the parliament failed to convene a session to complete the pass "technocratic government" headed by Haider al - Abadi because of the insistence of the political blocs on the "quotas" partisan and refused to change and Zariha.

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