Hakim: division of the National Alliance moved to the parliament will not tolerate the illegal squatters

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Hakim: division of the National Alliance moved to the parliament will not tolerate the illegal squatters

Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ammar al-Hakim, said on Wednesday that the National Alliance - which includes the Supreme Council has sanctioned witnessing a split between the political forces.

" He said al-Hakim, in his speech at a ceremony marking Alambos prophetic held at his office in Baghdad, said that "the National Alliance is the parliamentary bloc that presented the Prime Minister and is the largest bloc, but unfortunately that weakened that hit the National Alliance was reflected strongly on the overall political performance of the government and the House of Representatives on Both".

He added that "the division of the National Alliance moved into an arena of the House of Representatives also reflected the weakness of the coalition government's performance, there was no vision and no clear plan of action and follow-up and accountability to perform the Intergovernmental Panel or the Parliamentary Group of the National Alliance, as if the coalition's mission is to form a majority and the choice of the Prime Minister according !! ".

Hakim pointed "We have warned strongly that the weakness of the National Alliance, will reflect on the political, governmental and parliamentary work sooner or later and warned us that we would take steps unilaterally in this regard unless they remedy the National Alliance, the forces of vulnerability experienced by, and be at the level of the historical responsibility of the crucial challenges facing the nation ".

He pointed out that "we live several challenges

The first of these challenges is the position of legitimacy, we were and we are still and will remain with the legitimate, because we believe in this country and believe in freedom, which we paid for it dearly and believe in democracy we have adopted a system administered by the authority is achieved through which the rotation of power, and a symbol of freedom and democracy is the Council House of Representatives, and we find that there is almost an organized campaign to break the prestige of the House of Representatives and encroach upon its legitimacy, which is unacceptable to us and we would face with our people vigorously and consistently. "

He continued, "The House of Representatives is the house of the people we will not allow that group or groups holding him under any title or an argument or justification, whether they are parliamentarians protestors or demonstrators Mnflten."

The head of the Supreme Council that "the legitimacy of the political system and the government's legitimacy and the legitimacy of the state comes from the House of Representatives if the overtaking on the legality and try to paralyze it and break the prestige it means to encroach upon the state and its legitimacy and prestige, because the protest does not mean chaos and pretend does not mean vandalism and assault."

He said, "Millions of Iraqis have felt fear and horror of the scenes that have been transferred across television screens for the attack on parliamentarians Were it not for God save the lives lost and the spilled blood !!," asking, "Who benefits from this chaos and this confusion and this infringement ??".

He emphasized, "The most important of chaos imagine that will give us the rights or suitable path, but will leave the chaos of destruction and hatred, hatred and personal feuds, vandalism and looting, there is no complacency in the face of chaos and indulgence in defense of legality and order."

And she went on, addressing the audience by saying, "Let me use this expression and it is the exploitation of reform where reform has become a slogan exploited so corrupt there is no longer a distinction between who has the reform project and those who have a special project or a private vendetta or private Aglvha name of reform too."

Among al-Hakim, said that "reform is clear and sites imbalance phenomenon, but that is circular in this way defective is corruption itself, and that the reform is reduced to change the minister or ministers group is large and defraud the reform lie, however we said let it be and it was our ministers first presented their resignations and still insist to resign, but everyone knows that this is not reform. "

He stressed that "there is a weakness in the vision and weakness in the resolution and weakness in the actions that must be taken, he wanted to reform him to ask about the phantom projects that exchange them billions of dollars and who was responsible for them, and signed, and approved by ?, people complaining about the poor service! !

Is poor service happened today, or is the result of poor planning and management of ten years ago, and while we have the financial abundance and budgets explosive? !! ".

He asked al-Hakim also "where billions of electricity ten years ago and to this day ?, Where billions of infrastructure, streets, sewers and municipal ten years ago and to this day ?, Where billions of weapons and training ten years ago and to this day?"

Stressing "who really wants to reform it to ask these questions accountable and who was responsible for these services from the simplest to the highest employee is responsible, not those who are taking advantage of the simple people and agitation. "

He added that "the parliamentarians who want to reform them to open these files and not scream and throw water bottles on their colleagues and cracking offices !!, this is not reform but a mess to prevent the discovery of corruption and, unfortunately, there are politicians ready to burn Iraq for their own interests or to Tharathm personal or aspirations all this personal encases the name of reform. "

He stressed, "The duty of the reformers true that apply forward and not back down in front of the vaunted reform, they have to complete their steps reform and support it effective and quick actions, and despite the difficulties and challenges, but in the end is not true right, but, that by building the state is through the difficult and thorny, but through demolition and chaos is always the easiest way. "

The President of the Supreme Islamic Council, "We must not allow our vaunted reform of ride the wave, and reform advocates honest to continue their work and that the Prime Minister take the steps required and necessary for the rapid achievement of agreed reforms seriously."

He pointed out that "national project, the mosque is not only a political need, but has become a national necessity, with overlapping events and reach down to the serious stages of the threat of state-building, we are in the stream martyr Mehrab find ourselves obliged to work to form a coalition and national cross-sectarian, national, and agreed on the space rendezvous and concerted in the space difference. "

He said al-Hakim, "we will seek with our partners in the country to develop as part of this coalition and to identify political and reformist project and we will be a powerful force in the parliament in order to be able to pass legislation, laws and procedures reform away from the opportunistic and selective exploitation, and work to develop to overcome big crises faced by Iraq's real solutions in the next two years and that is a beginning to get out of the sectarian and ethnic discord.

" He explained, "The Iraq Project is the only project that will grow and continue and we have to strengthen this project, the construction of the Alliance coalition real national regulator to be able to convert ideas and projects into reality of the laws and regulations and provide the majority required to support the proper government procedures."

He said al-Hakim, said that "millions who went to visit the Imam Musa Ibn Ja'far Kadhim, peace be upon him, and despite the political crises and security challenges but it is evidence that the energies of our people, the underlying is a very large investor, and that the spiritual good and perseverance of the people was and is and will remain a spiritual ardent and love of good and humanity and reject humiliation slavery and chaos, and that our people Espguena great strides in the mechanics of organizing in the consciousness and commitment, and we are facing a new generation is able to act and interact continuous work and the right of the people we have to offer him solutions and Nbadh for crises and failure. "