Legal expert: the failure to convene the Cabinet meeting disrupt the work of the state and lead to major damage

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News saw a legal expert Tareq Harb, said the failure to convene the Cabinet meeting disrupt the work of the state in various joints, and the great harm.

He said the war told {Euphrates News} "It is possible that the Council of Ministers to hold a hearing on any given day and not just on Tuesday because he does not have a law that sets the day of the hearing, adding that" as long as a quorum was not achieved attend more than half of the members of the council, it is not a quorum to be held and this is normal because the minister linked to political Bactlhm and there is a political and parliamentary chaos. "

"The consequences of disabling the disable state action and the executive session, explaining that" the Council of Ministers on every nook and cranny of the administration to the country, and not to take place leading to a large reciprocating harm. "

The media has quoted a senior legal officer in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers as saying that "the Council of Ministers session disrupted by the absence of 12 out of 22 ministers put Abadi in front of a constitutional crisis, stressing that President Abadi is facing a constitutional crisis because of the convening of the Council of Ministers on the back of the sacking of crashes or resignation and suspension a large number of ministers of the current government, explaining that "the Council of Ministers has a quorum for a Council meeting in the absence of 12 ministers out of 22 and Zara.anthy