Bloc citizen: Saudi Arabia is trying to demonstrations character in Iraq

Published in: 15:36, May 3, 2016

Baghdad Opinion Policy

Bloc citizen accused Riyadh of trying to demonstrations calling for reform in Iraq characters, while confirming that it will attend the next session of parliament to complete the reform process.

The MP said the bloc Habib Terminal reformist slogans that turned into chants of anti-Islamic Republic of Iran in the demonstrations in Baghdad recently and clear evidence of the existence of many lurking among citizens. Pointing out that the positive role played by Iran in helping Iraq and at different levels makes such an unusual cheers.

He added that recent events have not devoid of the agendas of some countries that tried to ride through it and sought to damage the Islamic Republic, as well as breaking the prestige of the state after the storming of the Iraqi parliament building ,. He pointed out that Saudi Arabia's prominent role in the events, especially that Iran's positive role in Iraq, Pat does not appeal to her.

He called Terminal Iraqi security forces to protect state institutions and to provide those who have contributed to sabotage the property of parliament and the attack on the House of Representatives to justice.

With regard to the next session of parliament, he said that the citizen Terminal bloc will attend the next session and will work with the rest of the other blocs to sustain the reform process through the completion of a vote on the new ministerial cabin .anthy