Document .. Allawi flirts chest: three presidencies meeting focused on the weakening of the demonstrations and there is no intention to reform
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Document .. Allawi flirts chest: three presidencies meeting focused on the weakening of the demonstrations and there is no intention to reform

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Mary finest

The head of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, on Monday, said the three presidencies of the meeting focused on the weakening of the demonstrations and no Nie three of reform, in what he described as "disappointing".

Allawi said in his letter to the president Fuad Masum "Sky Press," I received a copy of it, that "the meeting of the three presidencies disappointing," noting, "suggested you hold such a meeting, and was amazed than trying to leave the fundamental things Kmenaksh political process crisis and the decline of reforms."

He added, "The interesting meeting was focused on trying to weaken the idea of ​​demonstrations and sit-ins under the pretext of the link between the protesters and peaceful protesters on the one hand and between the infiltrators who violated the sanctity of the House of Representatives and assaulted some lawmakers on the other hand."

Allawi said, "I found out that there was no intention of real reform with the exception of a few communities, and there is no desire to discuss the fundamental problems, but clinging to the apparent meaning of what happened without discussing the reasons it ended up," explaining, "I would like to inform you of, I will not attend any meeting in this level of research that does not rise to address the roots of the crisis for the country to reach the shore of safety, peace and stability. "

It was a very relevant source Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, the last to leave Iraq to Iran to visit the "surprise" after he announced his i'tikaaf for two months an expression of rejection of partisan quotas.

Mr. al-Sadr said in a press conference held on Saturday in the first Alhananp in Najaf, said he "decided i'tikaaf and not to communicate with any politician during the next two months due to the survival of the party of quotas."

"I decided to suspend all political action of the Sadrist movement, but if you establish a transient stream of sectarian quotas," calling on the Liberal bloc to "suspend attending the meetings of the Council of Representatives."

Immediately after the conference income of thousands of followers of the Sadrist movement who demonstrated in Tahrir Square, and crossed the bridge republic toward the Green Zone, entered the area and the building of the Iraqi parliament, in protest against the lifting of the parliamentary session into this week without a vote on the complete cabinet reshuffle, and assaulted some of them on a number of deputies, while Office of the martyr al-Sadr announced on Sunday, "innocence" of the people who assaulted some lawmakers, stressing that he has been brought to storm parliament.

The face of the commander of the armed forces and the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday, the Interior Ministry to pursue the attackers on the security forces and members of the House of Representatives and who vandalized public property.