Conspiracy led coalition Diyala identity claw of the National Alliance for the removal of their portfolios

2016-05-02 22:20:59 | (Voice of Iraq) - Zuhair al - Fatlawi

Successful alliance Diyala identity (Sunni list) with the current Liberal in the Diyala provincial council of collecting signatures to members of the Diyala provincial council aims to sack the current conservative National Alliance Muthana al - Tamimi.

Tamimi said that we regret of those who voted from the Iraqi Diyala against the sunbed pretext and false pretenses behind her disappear Diyala orientations identity acquired the position of the governor, adding that they Nhjawa in collecting signatures for the 19 members , including three belonging to the Liberal block and two of the Dawa Party (Turkish Jadaan, Essam Shaker) in order to return the post of governor of the Iraqi list after giving them assurances of the Liberal bloc that the next governor will have them, and the opposite of the truth , which praised her repeatedly and that the point that the conservative position is to the right ( the Sunni - based) in Diyala.

Stressing that there are a number of members of the Alliance of Diyala identity sentenced to an arrest memoranda indicate involvement bombings last Muqdadiyah, which has killed nearly (40 people) of the sons of the judiciary (Bani Tamim), calling at the same time all the political parties to the need to restore a private matter National Alliance members involved in this matter and to resort to dialogue to resolve the outstanding problems.