Iran calls on all Iraqi political parties for calm and political dialogue
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said, on the situation in Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran calls on all political parties in Iraq to the truce and to provide the appropriate atmosphere to resolve the issues of Iraq through political dialogue and understanding.
He added Gabri Ansari on Monday in a meeting with his weekly press briefed agency {Euphrates News} today , "We believe that the political process and political achievements of the Iraqi people protection during the past two decades , and respect for the rule of law in Iraq, will ensure stability and continued development and the consolidation of national reconciliation in Iraq."
He expressed " hope in dealing with the current issues of Iraq in light of familiar people and the government of Iraqi political currents and directives tradition references to serve the interests of the Iraqi people, and to provide the ground for achieving the national will to fight terrorism and corruption , which is one of public liabilities of all parties, movements and all the Iraqi people. "
He added Gabri Ansari said" focus on two main themes the fight against terrorism and corruption needs to be a national dialogue between all Czac Iraqi blocs. "
said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, said that" the Islamic Republic of Iran hopes to speed up the boot floor to get political consensus among the Iraqi political blocs, and be ready to take advantage of all ties to facilitate dialogue and reach a conclusion. "End