War: Minister voter them gained legal status and can direct their duties

Published in: 15:24, May 2, 2016

Baghdad Opinion Policy

He said the legal expert Tareq Harb, said the new ministers whom the House of Representatives voted to approve them, have gained legal status and can exercise their functions "from the moment of voting on them."
He said that the war, "the ministers who voted them the House of Representatives, ministers considered once the vote," explaining that "the oath is a formality, and they must perform."
"But as soon as the voting on them have become ministers and non-Yemeni performance does not prejudice as ministers," pointing out that "the ex-minister was denied in connection with and not to exercise any direct authority and any order or take any action, the matter is now taken by the ministers who approved them the House of Representatives."
"The new ministers will be directly than an hour to vote on them, as they are entitled directly to the Minister each own actions, as long as the legislature agreed to their names, they have gained legal status" .anthy