Jubouri: the attack on the House of Representatives exceeded the prestige of the state and reserve the right to prosecute

Published in: 14:13, May 2, 2016

BAGHDAD - Politics - opinion -
I promised the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, the attack that the Vice President of the Council of Aram suffered Sheikh Mohammed, and the number of MPs by demonstrators last Saturday, "assaulted and exceeded the prestige of the state and the House of Representatives."

A statement by the Presidency, received (Opinion International) copy of it, "It was the events of the past two days test and touchstone real and produced a clear necessity and importance of abiding by the Constitution and law and discipline, and have resulted in actions is the subject of condemnation and denounced the whole people of Iraq and the wise men and wise men and political leaders eager on the future of Iraq and its security and sovereignty. "

He added that "what happened to overcome the painful on the leaders of the parliamentary tall represents a large segment of the Iraqi people, and have a great effort in supporting the political process and history of the supervisor and the east, and its achievements in the legislative work, all you got is exceeded traveled to the prestige of the state and the House of Representatives, which is the highest authority legislature in the country, and what happened is not an encroachment on the specific individuals but to exceed their legal and sovereign, who have occupied. "

She said she was "as it underscores the Presidency retains the legal right to prosecute the perpetrators of this cowardly act, it confirms the great pride in the big guns, led by Vice President of the Council of Syria, Sheikh Mohammed, one of the young leaders and promising in the political process is an actor and activist party, as well as the only Talabani leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc and one of the most important feminist political leaders in the history of Iraq, as well as Ammar Tohme prime virtue and the man bloc Party thinker and leader of the National Alliance, as well as MP Abdul-Hussein al-Musawi, deputy head of the virtue mass which is one of the important political figures and decision makers "she said, adding," and a number of other parliamentary figures who had been ill and overtaking in addition to a number of deputies who were besieged in the Council, all of whom are cherished and appreciated and respected. "

The statement continued that "the Presidency as it renewed its condemnation and rejection of this shameful act, they assure the leaders of the parliamentary what had suffered for the sake of Iraq and the political process will remain appreciated and respect for all the Iraqi people and the political leaders of the sons."

The protesters broke into the Green Zone on Saturday and the House of Representatives building, and showed video clips published by means Broader assaulted demonstrators "beating" on the number of MPs, including the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Sheikh Aram Mamed.anthy