Movement Solution: We support the demands of the reform, but only if

2016-05-02 06:16:28 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Traffic solution for full support of the Libyan demands to correct the political process and put an end to procrastination and political partisanship and stall the comprehensive national reform dossier announced.

The movement of the solution, said in a statement that it is in everyone 's interest complete the government 's reform file as soon as possible and move to file the legislative and judicial reform to get to the elements of good governance , which looks fair to him the sons of the Iraqi people and patient.

The NAM statement; but the elements of the reform will not insulting the legislative institution which is the backbone of the political process or detract from the prestige of the Iraqi state outside the constitutional and legal frameworks set out by the Iraqi constitution in force.

She stressed the movement in its statement; that the use of the masses in the imposition of the will of change to achieve real - time political gains or liquidation of partisan accounts will not lead to the building of a national McCain and straight, as they reached the wrong messages to the world and the neighborhood in the timing is very awkward and Iraq desperately need today 's international economic and political support, and undermines confidence the international community in Iraq and its leadership.

And demanded the movement of the solution; the three presidencies and all the Iraqi political forces to assume their legal and constitutional responsibilities and arbitration mind the language and wisdom to reach realistic solutions to correct the political process and put the interests of the Iraqi people to the interests of political parties and movements of all political currents, otherwise they will have confession failing to state management and building democratic model of civil and state in Iraq and Maatertb them from the consequences.