A number of Kurdish MPs during their arrival in Kurdistan Region

The last moments of the deputies Kurds trapped in the Iraqi parliament

By Roudao 16 minutes ago

Roudao- Erbil

Still a lot of details about the events of the past few days in the Iraqi parliament hidden, most notably how to edit the Kurds of Representatives, and how the Peshmerga liberalization of the House of Representatives a year, and why the followers of Moqtada al - Sadr that?

Members of the Iraqi Parliament will never forget the day 30/04/2016, where they never imagined that one day it becomes a reality in the precincts of Parliament are protected, such as the Green Zone, the area under the feet of a group of angry demonstrators comes.

A senior security official in the Green Zone and talked about moments storm the protesters Green Zone said, "Baghdad Operations Command, 100 thousand armed with, and the band in Baghdad 10 thousand armed people, and crossing all the Green Zone were in the hands of those, but they ousted the concrete blocks and entered the region ".

The official, who preferred not to be named, network Roudao media: "We were informed all the plans, were allowed to enter the knowledge of the demonstrators Haider al-Abadi and Muqtada al-Sadr."

He was able thousands of demonstrators on to the Green Zone, which was not seen by the people of Baghdad 13 years ago, and is considered the Iraqi rulers Center and includes all sensitive institutions in the state, said the security official: "The aim of the protesters is to reach the Parliament and hit the House of Representatives only."

He left all of Iraq's parliament speaker, Salim al-Jubouri, and his first deputy, Hamoudi, the parliament building an hour before the arrival of the demonstrators remained in the second deputy speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Aram Sheikh Mohammed, the inside of the building.

The head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc, Muthana Amin, a present in the parliament building to the moment of the raid, he said on Roudao media: "When I wanted to go out, brother Aram returned and brother Mahmoud Reza and said that the demonstrators had arrived and there are no chance to get out."

He added: "Four or five of Peshmerga fighters engaged in the protection of Parliament us came and took me with brother Aram and brother Mahmoud Reza to a secure gate bulletproof place, and there has Peshmerga seat the brother Aram on a bench and said to him, rest assured you will remain here as Vice President of the Parliament as well, and we at your service".

And they arrived demonstrators into parliament with shouts of "Hla gouge", where they were searching for the House of Representatives, and tells Muthana Amin how to save them by saying: "We stayed in that safe place for three hours, after which came 10 young people from the organizing committee for the demonstrations."

"It told us that these young people to take off formal clothes and neckties, I've switched my clothes with a youth who was wearing a black T-shirt color, and these clothes backs body demonstrators, these young people and the transfer of each and every one of us to a different place," and speaks secretary about the reason for the attack Aram on Sheikh Mohammed by the protesters, saying: "because the brother Aram was known advantage, some of the demonstrators and beat him, but other young people came and they rescued him and move."

The site shows video posted on social networking sites, demonstrators assaulted the Aram Sheikh Mohammed Balsafa and beatings, as one person put his hand in his back pocket for the deputy what appeared to be looking for money, before being rescued.

The head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc, said he was able to access the Al-Rasheed Hotel, which is 200 meters from the parliament building, despite everything, he says, "there was not one, but some comrades came to protection forces and Oouselona to the airport."

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc has the majority of its members in parliament remained, including the head of the block Ala Talabani, as well as Ribawar Taha, Ranjin Abdullah, and Ares Abdullah, spreading quickly that their lives are in danger, said a House of Representatives from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan network Roudao media: "When I came the demonstrators, Peshmerga fighters take us to another room, and did not allow one to approach us. "

He said a Peshmerga fighters engaged in the protection of Parliament, who preferred not to be named for the network Roudao media, "arrived demonstrators to the room in which there were the deputies of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, but we told them that she weapons room or where there is one, and left the place immediately, we've Btamoiham" .

"I wore some MPs from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Peshmerga clothes, and moved to the outside of the parliament building, but no one recognized them."

As Secretary on how to save the deputies union, he said: "He told me Ariz brother Abdullah that he wore military clothing and no one knows that parliament, while the rest of the comrades in the break room, and in this form survived the demonstrators."

According to information obtained by Roudao Media Network that the chairman of the parliamentary security and defense, of quitting, and the Al Saraya of the Sadrist movement led peace protesters to the Green Zone, the two also played a role in the rescue deputies Union.

Information indicates that Zamili went with a number of women who were wearing black robes to Naiptin in Union, Ala Talabani and Ranjin Abdullah, which have carried out wearing black clothes and carrying the Iraqi flag until the arrival of the car bullet-proof and in this way have been rescued.

At the same time, the number of deputies by throwing themselves from the wall, and told a House of Representatives, who asked not to be named, the story of his survival, saying: "When I came demonstrators were rescue with the other two deputies by the Peshmerga forces."

Similar to the story of saving three of the deputies action films, where the deputy says, "The demonstrators had arrived in the Green Zone, was not much left to reach us, so the peshmerga to help us and went up on their shoulders, and we passed the barrier the concrete," he adds, "I will never forget the scene to assist the Peshmerga us, and how they put their shoulders to go up against them. "

Among the most prominent attacks on the House of Representatives, what he suffered prime virtue block, Ammar Tohme, which has posted a video attacking demonstrators him with a stick and put it in the dirt in spite of his pleas appears, but the strength of the Peshmerga and they arrived at the scene and dragged Tohme from the hands of the protesters and took him to an armored car against lead.

Dry longings MP for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, one of the assets in the parliament at the time, and said to Roudao: "When I wanted to get out, it was the House of Representatives are fleeing in front of the gate of Parliament, he asked them: What do you get? Someone told me: Onqve yourself, I've reached the demonstrators."

Dry a parliamentary in the Iraqi Council of Representatives for two consecutive terms, she said: "took me Peshmerga to immediately armored military, remained there for 45 minutes, then left the place a car belonging to one of Representatives Sadrists, have Olpsona black veil, color, and put the child in my lap, until I got to the the airport".

In those times, parliamentarians year alone remained in a special place inside the parliament, that pulled the protesters, said a senior security official in the Green Zone, "has been hidden Ahmed electrodes, a senior Sunni official in parliament, with five deputies in others in a special place by the Peshmerga forces "adding," those members of the Peshmerga said, we trust you, and will not go out only with your permission, so after the evacuation of parliament Almtzahreinnn were rescued those members a private car. "

For his part, MP for the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, the beauty of Panthers, to Roudao said: "Moqtada al-Sadr wanted to send some messages over this act, and a private message to former Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki."

The Panthers, who came out of the parliament building just minutes before the arrival of the demonstrators, that "al-Maliki did not travel to Lebanon to meet with Muqtada al-Sadr, but rather than appear in person, he sent one of his representatives, and this is what angered al-Sadr, and that al-Maliki wanted to go back to Parliament to expel Hassan Sinead, to replace him, and sent in this regard message to al-Jubouri, to form a new bloc in parliament, supported the 150 deputies that al-Maliki's efforts, "following up" but Abadi al-Sadr told the parliament, "that if you allow the owners of this, we will, including not you expect."

On the second letter that Sadr wanted delivery, says the Panthers "the demonstrators demanded the departure of Qassem Soleimani from Iraq, and they were saying Iraq for us, and this was the message of the people close to Iran and those who listen to it, as he wanted to say to all: If Najaf were not under my control, the Baghdad under my control, and I can access to the green Zone, whenever you want it. "