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    BGG Newstime April 30, 2016

    MrsBGG says(7:41 PM):
    Does anyone have any ?'s

    Pablo says(7:41 PM):

    MrsBGG says to Pablo(7:41 PM) :

    Pablo says(7:42 PM):
    BGG, your impression of today's events?

    BGG says to Pablo(7:42 PM):
    Very exciting - we think it is "business as usual"...

    slh5282 says(7:43 PM):

    BGG says to Pablo(7:43 PM):
    except it has been running on the Fox ticker since 6 AM

    This is BIG FREAKIN' NEWS - I Don't give a **** who doesn't like NEWS. This is the REAL FREAKIN' DEAL... Peeps.

    HANG ON...

    Pablo says(7:45 PM):
    Okay, tell me when I can let go.

    MrsBGG says to slh5282(7:47 PM):

    slh5282 says(7:47 PM):
    do you think this is the people sending a message to Parliament they are ready for a positive change in Iraq? and they are tired of the crazy games from the Maliki group?

    BGG says to Pablo(7:47 PM):
    On a call... sorry.

    BGG says to slh5282(7:48 PM):
    OMG - it has been running on every channel - all day long since 6 AM/
    what do you think??

    slh5282 says(7:49 PM):
    that would be my thought

    IcemanAkaSnake says(7:49 PM):
    Maliki needs to go to jail...The protests are due to 1 faction wanting as much power...Am I right??

    slh5282 says(7:50 PM):
    the fact that he has never recognized in a true fashion he is no longer in complete control

    IcemanAkaSnake says(7:50 PM):
    I heard he's a thief !!!

    BGG says to slh5282(7:50 PM):
    FOX has run this on their ticker over and over and over and over and OVER AND OVER - they are NO FRIEND of FREEDOM...

    slh5282 says(7:50 PM):
    any disruption is good for him

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(7:50 PM):
    Heard **** - HE IS.

    A THIEF - you must be new.

    IcemanAkaSnake says(7:51 PM):
    lol...fairly new

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(7:51 PM):
    protests are about Sadr wanting reforms - Abadi wants reforms - this is good for him in the long run.

    IcemanAkaSnake says(7:52 PM):
    IcemanAkaSnake says(7:52 PM):

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(7:52 PM):
    this plays DIRECTLY into his political "wheel house"...

    wmawhite says(7:52 PM):
    folks,....think back to 2003/4....who was a thorn in the US miltary's side? who had more battles with the US as well as the new Iraqi military? Well, the same guy is the lead on all the US media channels. The same guy is today calling for reforms and the end to corruption. who is it? Mad Man SADR........

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(7:52 PM):

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(7:52 PM):
    he's GOBBLING up the int'l attention...

    MrsBGG says(7:53 PM):
    Any other questions ?'s

    marco says(7:53 PM):
    he is and wA

    wmawhite says(7:53 PM): you think the reforms are happeing because of him (as the US media think) or is it Sadr hoping to catch some benefit from the reforms already being pushed through by Abadi?

    marco says(7:54 PM):
    Was the only guy to get in MALAKI'S FACE

    wmawhite says(7:54 PM):
    Sadr is hoping*

    MrsBGG says(7:54 PM):
    It's News Time right now, if you have a question or comment , please use your ? Thank you

    wmawhite says to marco(7:54 PM):
    NOT............that what the US media thinks

    Pablo says(7:54 PM):

    wmawhite says to marco(7:54 PM):
    that is what

    marco says(7:55 PM):
    sadr not afraid of Maliki

    wmawhite says to marco(7:56 PM):
    Sorry Mrs BGG.............................that is not the point, marco

    MrsBGG says to wmawhite(7:56 PM):
    No problemo

    BGG says to wmawhite(7:56 PM):
    No - the US is sooooooooo far behind... these IDIOTS couldn't find their @$$ if crazy glue were involved....

    Sadr is NOT THE CATALYST...

    BGG says(7:57 PM):
    but he is helping get things moved on down the road....

    marco says(7:57 PM):
    sorry Mrs BGG , my keyboRD IZS MESSED UP

    iiM QUIET

    BGG says(7:58 PM):
    obviously - there is MAJOR benefit to him being on THE RIGHT SIDE (as are WE). Think about it.

    MrsBGG says to Pablo(7:58 PM):

    Pablo says(7:59 PM):
    In light of these last couple of days, do you think Abadi will go ahead and call for early elections and replace people by proxi or will he still try and do things through parliament?

    BGG says(7:59 PM):
    looks more and more like - maybe...

    BGG says(8:00 PM):
    that only puts Abadi in - HYPERDRVE.

    good for us.

    jtank says(8:01 PM):

    BGG says(8:01 PM):
    OK - I got hammered with Q & A early - so we're doing Q & A tonite

    MrsBGG says(8:01 PM):
    Any other questions?'s

    IcemanAkaSnake says(8:01 PM):
    Any clue as to WHEN ????

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(8:01 PM):
    We don't do that here...

    IcemanAkaSnake says(8:02 PM):
    Oh yeah...OOPS !!

    wmawhite says to IcemanAkaSnake(8:02 PM):
    yes.........the IMF gave you their opinion,.....a very broad opinion months ago....

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(8:02 PM):
    We like News and don't do - Date & Rate BAITERS!!

    of course - Mr White is right - anyone caring to read...

    IcemanAkaSnake says(8:03 PM):
    This whole thing has me crazy..I guess thats part of being the newbie

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(8:03 PM):
    the IMF already told you when.

    BGG says to wmawhite(8:03 PM):
    ?? expound...

    IcemanAkaSnake says(8:03 PM):
    I guess I dont speak their dialect

    wmawhite says to IcemanAkaSnake(8:04 PM):
    As soon as you read the are no longer a newbie....

    the IMF/WB documents are in English

    IcemanAkaSnake says(8:05 PM):
    ..I have read volumes...I know their government(or lack thereof) as well as our own

    wmawhite says to IcemanAkaSnake(8:05 PM):
    Oh, OK.......then you already have the answer to your question....

    IcemanAkaSnake says(8:06 PM):
    I guess so....There is so much info...and info...and MORE info...

    wmawhite says(8:07 PM):
    other than date and rate.........are there any questions?

    BGG says to IcemanAkaSnake(8:07 PM):
    This is also a tradition...

    use YOUR ?? marks - You KNOW...

    (8:08 PM)IcemanAkaSnake was kicked out by BGG!

    BGG says(8:09 PM):
    Oh well - he
    BGG says(8:09 PM):
    he's no NUBBIE NOW...

    wmawhite says(8:09 PM):

    Hutch says(8:09 PM):

    BGG says(8:10 PM):
    (relax - it only lasts 15 min... )

    MrsBGG says(8:11 PM):
    Any other questions ?'s

    BGG says(8:11 PM):
    (the KICK - that is... )

    BGG says(8:11 PM):
    Sorry - Noob..

    not Nubbie.. Ha ha Ha..

    wmawhite says(8:13 PM):
    Quiet chatroom tonight................

    7Shelia says(8:13 PM):

    MrsBGG says to 7Shelia(8:14 PM):

    7Shelia says(8:14 PM):
    So if todays events has helped us, when would we sorta that things are good again, and things are ok, and this didn't slow things or mess up timing?

    BGG says(8:15 PM):
    They are good now... when in a "HIGH PROFIT INVESTEMENT" - turmoil is ALWAYS GOOD....

    Turmoil is the catalyst for upward movement...

    7Shelia says(8:16 PM):
    LOL...ok I will hold you to that BGG

    BGG says(8:16 PM):
    it is what it is...

    wmawhite says to BGG(8:16 PM):
    good point, BGG

    BGG says(8:16 PM):
    I only comnent on the NEWS.

    (and - comment)

    I try to tell peeps over and over and over and over...

    7Shelia says(8:17 PM):
    Oh I understand. I wasn't looking for date or anything like that. I was thinking maybe the middle of the week or so we would know things are still moving and are ok.

    wmawhite says to 7Shelia(8:18 PM):
    another point........those that do not want change.....those that want to stay in position to continue on with the corruption.......they do not want allof this in the news.

    BGG says(8:18 PM):
    all the "high-end" investment edumication I have - leads me right back to basics...

    wmawhite says to 7Shelia(8:18 PM):
    this is the worst that could happened other than going to prison.

    BGG says(8:18 PM):

    without "high risk"..

    there is no "high reward"... we are - most definately - IN IT!!

    7Shelia says(8:19 PM):
    Well you guys are experienced at these type things. I guess this little green person don't understand some of this lingo at times. So you guys speak over our heads sometimes and I don't think you realize that some of us in the chat room listen, but don't understand a lot of it.

    MrsBGG says to 7Shelia(8:20 PM):
    What would you like to understand?

    7Shelia says(8:21 PM):
    Well lots of bad things happened today, but I take it, that means it's good. LOL

    MrsBGG says to 7Shelia(8:21 PM):
    He says that good , yes

    jwjd says(8:21 PM):
    is MD not coming in here anymore?

    (8:22 PM)jwjd was kicked out by BGG!

    BGG says(8:22 PM):
    Good nite p!$$ pants.

    She will be in tomorrow nite.

    moneymom says(8:23 PM):

    BGG says(8:23 PM):
    But you ain't here to see it...

    BGG says to moneymom(8:23 PM):
    Yes Ma'am??

    ]jtank says(8:23 PM):

    moneymom says(8:24 PM):
    been out loop wking, today seen some of the news at the end of 15 min could you summerize this wonderful day of turmoil?
    moneymom says(8:25 PM):

    BGG says to moneymom(8:26 PM):
    Probably the best true News Day in a long time (for those of us who CARE ABOUT THE NEWS) has been running on the Fox news ticker all day long...

    banner day for Iraq watchers...

    jtank says to pinklady(8:26 PM):
    me too pinky- afraid to speak anymore--

    BGG says(8:26 PM):
    and since most of us hold their currency - BIG DAY.

    moneymom says(8:26 PM):
    K at second job not seen great !!!!

    BGG says to moneymom(8:27 PM):
    keep on keepin' on - we're here for you!!

    glad to help

    moneymom says(8:28 PM):
    thanks...have been here from the begining with you all...just over whelmed with life till all is done. Great site thanks to every one!!!! Bgg. and team

    BGG says to jtank(8:28 PM):
    bull$h!t - the day you are "afraid" to speak is the day I SHUT THIS THING DOWN...

    sassy says(8:28 PM):
    BGG you are in an ornery mood tonight LMBO

    MrsBGG says to sassy(8:29 PM):
    He is in rare form tonight

    sassy says(8:30 PM):
    Mrs BGG I love this BGG

    Mudder says(8:30 PM):
    I like it....lmao

    MrsBGG says to sassy(8:30 PM):

    Hutch says(8:30 PM):

    MrsBGG says to Hutch(8:30 PM):

    sassy says(8:30 PM):
    Mrs BGG the old BGG

    Hutch says to BGG(8:31 PM):

    trout1 says(8:31 PM):
    ok lets all settle down take a shot of crown and enjoy life abit

    Hutch says(8:31 PM):

    MrsBGG says(8:32 PM):
    We're wrapping it up, are there any other questions?

    MrsBGG says to Hutch(8:32 PM):
    Thank you

    sassy says(8:33 PM):

    MrsBGG says to sassy(8:33 PM):

    sassy says(8:33 PM):
    Did anyone else find it strange how relaxed Abadi looked today?

    dale says(8:34 PM):

    wmawhite says to sassy(8:34 PM):
    IMO<......this helps Abadi in his efforts to bring reforms.

    sassy says(8:35 PM):
    Wmw he looked so calm walking around there today

    BGG says to sassy(8:35 PM):
    I saw that - good point.

    wmawhite says to sassy(8:36 PM):
    Remember, he has world support with his efforts

    BGG says to trout1(8:36 PM):
    Peeps need to chill...

    sassy says(8:36 PM):
    BGG It made me think he might just be in control

    BGG says to trout1(8:36 PM):
    full auto gunfire - INDOORS DOES NOT bother me...
    BGG says to trout1(8:37 PM):
    but that d@mn cat keeps biting me - she SCARES ME

    trout1 says(8:37 PM):
    yep bgg just wait it out

    Martha Sue says to BGG(8:37 PM):
    sorry couldn't resist laughing!

    BGG says to trout1(8:38 PM):
    Mrs BGG just tossed that little devil in the bathroom...

    sheila3 says to BGG(8:38 PM):

    VelmaF41 says(8:38 PM):
    Poor sweet little kitty

    larrykn says to BGG(8:39 PM):
    afraid of a little cat

    BGG says to trout1(8:39 PM):
    she is old - bipolar - a woman - a Calico - kinda mena...

    BGG says to trout1(8:39 PM):
    kinda MEAN...

    Pablo says(8:39 PM):

    trout1 says(8:39 PM):
    bgg so wrong in so many ways

    BGG says to Pablo(8:40 PM):
    Go - (but it's gonna' be WRONG... )

    Pablo says(8:40 PM):
    What are you expecting to see in the next couple of days?

    BGG says to Pablo(8:40 PM):
    Good Q

    I am not sure -

    this is good for Abadi in the long run...

    (obviously for us too)

    this world attention is HUUUUUGGGGGE ( in Trump lingo )

    notice none of it is BAD...

    curious enough...

    trout1 says(8:42 PM):
    bgg come on and go grouper fishin with me and the boys you will forget everything else

    cjquade54 says(8:43 PM):

    watson1 says(8:44 PM):

    BGG says to Pablo(8:45 PM):
    all of the PR is about Iraq handling their problems. GOOD for Iraq - yet our dumb @$$ POTUS was busy ki$$ing Saudi @$$ 2 days ago saying he had "doubts" about ABADI.

    MrsBGG says to cjquade54(8:45 PM):

    cjquade54 says(8:45 PM):
    thought I saw today that Sadr was going to lay low for 2 months. did you see that? if so any comments?

    trout1 says(8:45 PM):
    bgg you would be part of a very select group

    BGG says to cjquade54(8:45 PM):
    NOT A CHANCE - tune in to Fox in the AM...
    BGG says to cjquade54(8:45 PM):
    he's ADDICTED to PR.

    MrsBGG says to watson1(8:46 PM):

    cjquade54 says(8:46 PM):
    hope he doesn't back off thank you

    watson1 says(8:46 PM):
    hey i just here where can read newtime

    watson1 says(8:46 PM):
    running late

    BGG says to watson1(8:47 PM):
    Try BGG's Corner - for tonite...

    watson1 says(8:47 PM):
    8-) crazy me thanks bgg

    BGG says to watson1(8:47 PM):

    magnetlady says(8:47 PM):
    It will take me a bit to sort it out and color it.

    Hutch says(8:48 PM):

    MrsBGG says(8:48 PM):
    Thank you everyone for joining us!! Have a great night! Love & Blessings (L)

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    Re: BGG Newstime April 30, 2016

    Great news time... Order through chaos... It is all good folks... Thanks BGG, Mr. White, copiers, and all that participated... Great observations... Not a matter of if friends... But when!... That is the million dollar question... All in God's time frame in the overall scheme of things...

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