Learn rank Iraq among the strongest Arab currencies against the dollar?


BAGHDAD / ... Iraq was ranked among the 20 most powerful Arab currencies against the dollar, according to published by the American site "howmuch.net", from the list of the order of the Arab Currency Exchange from the strongest to the weakest rate, based on the exchange rate against the dollar.

It topped the list and the Gulf states, the most powerful Arab currencies, while solving both Iraq ranked 20, and Lebanon by the end of the list ranked 21.

It is noteworthy that, this list is considered unstable are changing on a daily basis according to the disbursement of these currencies, against the greenback "dollar."

The list published yesterday, the State of Kuwait topped possessing a stronger national currency in the Arab world, with the dollar exchange rate amounted to 0.30 Kuwaiti dinars. The Kuwaiti dinar is divided into 1000 fils, and issued in 1960.

And replaced the national currency of the Sultanate of Oman rial, in second place, recorded US currency, which is the standard in this study, the exchange rate at 0.38 RO. Omani Rial is divided into 1000 Baisa, also back the date of issue of 1971.

The third place was the national currency's share of Bahrain, "the Bahraini dinar," where the dollar exchange rate of about 0.38 BD, followed by Jordan in the fourth Arab world, with the dollar exchange rate of 0.70 Jordanian dinars.

The Libyan dinar as the fifth strongest national currency in the Arab world, and the dollar exchange rate of 1.37 Libyan dinars, while the US currency stood in front of the Tunisian national currency towards 2.01 dinars, occupies the sixth place in this list.

Qatar and was in seventh place, after reaching the US currency exchange rate of 3.64 QR, while the UAE came in eighth place, where the dollar stood in front of the UAE currency towards 3.67 UAE dirhams.

The ninth Arab Center Vaanlth Arabia, after the dollar exchange rate amounted to 3.675 Saudi Riyals, comprises riyal than 20 pounds, or 100 Halalas, where equal shark 5 Hallals, and the Saudi riyal is covered with gold, and convertible into foreign currencies, and there are no restrictions on transfers cash to and from the UK, and the Saudi riyal pegged to the US dollar since 1984.

Egypt and came in tenth place, despite facing the Egyptian pound weakened against the US currency, as the official dollar exchange rate stood at 8.87 Egyptian pounds, while the US currency exceeded on the black market at 10 pounds, came the Sudan in the atheist tenth place, with an exchange rate the dollar against the Sudanese national currency around 6.03 Sudanese pounds.

It was the second top ten went to Morocco, with the dollar exchange rate stood at 9.65 dirhams, the resolution of the Moroccan dirham place of the French franc in trading since King Mohammed V throne.

The thirteenth place went to state in North Africa: Algeria, where the dollar stood in front of 109.05 dinars national currency, followed by Djibouti in the fourteenth place, while befell Syria, which suffers from the scourge of conflict lasted for more than five years, led to the decline a sharp and unprecedented in its national currency, in the fifteenth place, after the US dollar exchange rate amounted to about one 477 Syrian pounds by the Central Bank of Syria, while in excess of 500 pounds on the black market.

Solving the Yemeni riyal in sixteenth place, followed in the seventeenth ounce Mauritanian center, then the Comoros ranked eighth twelfth lunar franc National its currency, Somalia nineteenth place national Bammelth "shilling", while the list appended to each of the Iraqi dinar, the Lebanese pound, in the centers the twentieth and twenty-first on Altoala.anthy 12