Investment in infrastructure drives the economy

4/30/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Shatha Faraj
Between specialists in economic affairs importance of infrastructure development and development to keep pace with population growth and urban development being one of the most prominent wheel drives the national economy.

A specialist in economic affairs Jamal al - Tai: »infrastructure projects is one of the ingredients key to the economic success of any country being affected in raising living and planning of the economy modern techniques rates, explaining: can their services to become more efficient and when the state resorts to build sophisticated and integrated infrastructure system keep pace with population growth in the long term and are subject to sustainable development and on a regular basis and programmer with the allocation of funds from the general budget by establishing a sovereign development Fund particularly for the development of infrastructure projects outside the main , both investment and operational budget allocations.

Has to involve the private sector in these projects of maintenance and supervision hand , and the administration, but must have a specific area of freedom enables it to its management through the enactment of enabling the private sector to invest his money easily process laws, In case this is not possible the state may resort to bring in foreign capital and investment for these vital projects with the help of companies sober contributes run the largest possible number of manpower ».

He said al - Tai« necessary to provide stability and power to operate equipment without wasting time and the government can invest these projects and be payment for companies order forward, stressing that the best solutions for the development of the infrastructure sector, or the government could resort to raising the proportion of collection and tariffs and fees for the sustainability of these projects and development ».

Terms feasibility turn , said Abdel Azim al - Khafaji , a specialist in economic affairs:» The importance of the development infrastructure investment in the economy , a process they constitute the foundation stone for economic independence ».

He said al - Khafaji , « we must invest infrastructure, but must secure the most important condition for the success of the approach is transparency in the selection of companies under the economic feasibility conditions ».

In the same context , the competent Hassan al - Janabi , said that his «infrastructure to facilitate the transfer of raw materials and manpower to the factories movement as facilitate the transfer of the product to the internal and external market and thus enter the difficult money to the country to strengthen the economic foundation of the state through increased economic and pension welfare of the state and society«.

He pointed out that »any productive process can not move from its place without the presence of infrastructure and that if they were developed , they reduce production costs is reflected in the product 's ability to compete with the product similar to that more quality and less expensive. firing liquidity his part , he called competent in economic affairs Taha Khazraji to promote inward investment and to move capital and not to fall into the trap of lack of liquidity of investment to be part of the private sector system for the consolidation of the public sector in the issue of labor and getting rid of unemployment to be a valuable clean and distant environment for corruption to turn strengthens the concept of social justice ».

He Khazraji« investment infrastructure is a process optimization in order to move the economy especially as it is a semi parked, as well as that Iraq recently began depends on rents sole which is oil and the recovery of any state gets in the growth of its economy and cultivating self-sufficiency with the benefit of tourism and the effect involves ». responsibility of the State academic Falah Lucknow Baghdadi said:« certainly the largest state the strongest point is able to invest in infrastructure , which is the exclusive responsibility of her ».

He said al - Baghdadi« be investment in infrastructure through the development or expansion of what flows into the national economy and encourage capital and corporate owners to invest in several areas where all industries and projects do not You can work only if there is a solid infrastructure and strong and sophisticated being granted confidence and encourage capitalists to invest in your country and in different areas.