Rahim reveals corrupt files to "astronomical figures" in the Iraqi state institutions

Erbil-Iraq Press -29 April
: Former head of the Integrity Commission Rahim, revealed "astronomical figures" in the volume of the rampant corruption institutions of the Iraqi state.

Said Ugaili, on the sidelines at the crossroads of the Middle East economy (Mary) in Arbil, "that Iraq did not develop state or standards to measure the cost of corruption in Iraq, but we are talking about $ 1000 billion mechanisms entered the Iraqi state since 2003, and my painting now, has not benefited the simplest citizen services such as electricity and health. "

He added, "that corruption inflicted losses of the Iraqi state is greater than the losses caused by the theft of the budget, because there is corruption concerning the theft of wealth without entering the budget, and there are thefts pertaining to a state of agricultural and industrial state enterprises and manipulate them all," stressing that "it is hard to define exact figure for the extent of corruption in Iraq, but I can say that an astronomical number. "

He explained, "The biggest files of corruption in Iraq is still hidden from the truth because the Iraqi state is working in total secrecy, and if it turned against the political system and the next system was able to detect the files of corruption, we will find that a very small files that revealed so far are".

He spoke Ugaili for fictitious contracts in Iraq, saying that "when we talk about 1000 billion disappeared in the Iraqi state, there are bribes and kickbacks major contracts, and there are about 6,000 placebo contract in Iraq worth 227 billion, and this figure is astronomical and the benefit to the budgets of states."

The Chairman of the Commission on Public Integrity previous to that, "the Integrity Commission dealing with political corruption, and with the lack of support for the Integrity Commission politically unable to these regulatory institutions from doing the right role in the fight against corruption, leading to a worsening of corruption" .anth http://www.iraqpressagency.com/?p=197520&lang=ar