Bayati: We will complete the cabinet reshuffle on Saturday within professional contexts

History of edits:: 2016/4/29

{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed the National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati, said: "Parliament will complete the cabinet reshuffle on Saturday within professional contexts."

He said al-Bayati told {Euphrates News} on Friday, "The House of Representatives awaiting the second meal of the reshuffle, and we hope to be on Saturday to vote on a ministerial cabin, as long as the Council stressed the overall change must be Parliament sticking his decision and expect to be Saturday complement Day Tuesday ", stressing that" the parliament prepared to vote on the aspirations of the cabinet reshuffles. "

He continued that "the second phase of the cabinet reshuffle will include the termination of positions managed by proxy, changing general managers, as the reforms will go forward comprehensively all the sites that should be within professional contexts."

The House voted in its regular, on Tuesday, led by Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council, and attended by 183 MPs on the decision not to constitutional and legal actions taken in the absence of legal majority, in addition to the approval of the five new ministers technocrats within the cabinet reshuffle by hosting Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister. Ended h