Fear of al - Maliki

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Why are afraid of Maliki does not deny that Mr. al-Maliki, his mistakes and cons and the evils that Shi known he himself does not deny it, but he admits it openly and frankly imposed forces approaching hostile him to rejoice and smile and make them a weapon to confront and deal with him,

but when checking and meditate and scrutiny accurately and objectively and compare the cons and the evils of al-Maliki and cons and the evils of enemies to become clear to us clearly that the cons and the evils of al-Maliki is not equal Shi have no value for the evils and the evils front enemies of al-Maliki, but mistakes and cons and cons by the result of the cons and the evils of the front anti particularly of those around him in the National Alliance

This fear and the terror that stalked and hit these actors do not because of the corruption and cons and the failure of al-Maliki, but the measures decided to take and slogans that brought such commitment to the Constitution and the institutions where he called for the formation of the political majority government of any majority control and minority opposes the move means the cancellation of sectarian, ethnic and tribal, regional quotas

this means bridging all the doors of corruption and thus easily detect the corrupt and bring them to justice to be punished just and then purge the country of the scourge of corruption and corrupt

The only political Maliki who was able to exceed sectarian, ethnic and be a new stream comprising Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds at the same time lined enemies of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds as well and was very comfortable with this lineup and is considered a courageous and correct step,

although the alignment of the other side under the right intended to void the term Maliki realized that the worsening corruption, terrorism and seized control of corruption and terrorism,

particularly the invasion of Daash Wahhabi Iraq and the occupation of a third of the land of Iraq and the displacement and the slaughter of more than a third of Iraq's population and the families of his wives because of sectarian and ethnic quotas but he is unable to discharge Baishi in the face of corruption and terror at the same time he took the first and major responsibility in all what happened and is happening from the failure and cons and the evils and terrorism but it's a do it can not transmit the murderer to justice corrupt or even hold him accountable

This revealing the truth to the Iraqis and said Iraqis Dear Iraq is moving into the abyss and why quotas Government of any universal control and everyone is opposed to this decided to cancel the government's ethnic and sectarian quotas and set up a government of majority any respect for the Constitution and constitutional institutions and stick out and presented his project to the Iraqis and actually Iraqis went out and chose Majority Project Maliki's plan was chosen Maliki program any government of Iraqi political majority Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds

This big win and a big success scared and terrified the enemies of Iraq Al Saud al-Thani, Erdogan Vvoz Maliki project means putting Iraq on the right track for this to be generally this project stand in any way and all costs that exist are commands to the slaves and servants and all the elements of corruption in Iraq to move each hand person according to his ability and its potential and move openly

Terrorist groups Wahhabism arose and confrontational sit-ins shame in the desert of Anbar, carrying flags of Saddam and Barzani, and the share of the banana and Erdogan Through these sit-ins and extended an invitation to Barzani to join Daash Wahhabi openly answered Massoud advocacy and form an alliance between Massoud Barzani and Ethel Nujaifi, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, under the supervision of Erdogan and financing Al-Saud

in the case of the success of Maliki's project based Najafi and Barzani to withdraw the second Division, which includes 80 percent of Doaash Barzani Army and 20 percent of the ousted tyrant Saddam buried in return for a Wahhabi Sunni caliphate under the name of the region annexation of Kirkuk and disputed areas to the chiefdom Barzani The move from the corrupt

Shiite elements of the National Alliance for fear of revealing the truth to join the anti-government project of the political majority and formed the front-Maliki aimed at toppling the project, which claim to adhere to and abide by the constitution and respect after being set by the quotas on the shelf

And actually managed to bring down the democratic project, the project's majority government and began a new phase of tougher and more corrupt the masses came out that fire burned corruption and poor services and exacerbate the stark terror let the government quota system to save it, but the government quotas busy in their own interests

Strangely, despite the differences and conflicts between the elements of the Government of the quota system, but when faced with a threat by rushing robbed and oppressed to unite and vigorously addressed them in different ways disinformation trick enticement threat

When the consciences correct some MPs and decided uprising against the government of quotas and almost prevail and realize the people's desire and relieve pain and troubles felt supporters of quotas any supporters of corruption and terrorism, Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds that this uprising behind Maliki Fagin mad and revealed nakedness and allied themselves and suffer the and took one of them glorify and magnify each other,

O corrupt united Maliki on the doorstep Strgmon on the rule of law and the Constitution and the government majority The way that the brutality of a Bedouin clan attacked the House of Representatives who are demanding the government of political majority and the abolition of the quota system, where the government used police dogs, weapons and lock doors and Hqawat streets, and al-Qaeda elements Daash supported by the Al-Saud and the Government imposed quotas for fear of al-Maliki