Maysan: completion of drilling of five new wells Halfaya field to raise production rates

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It announced Maysan Oil Company, the completion of drilling of five new wells within the Halfaya oil field.

The general director of the company Adnan Nochi in a statement that "my company [Bohai and Daikin recently Ondzta drilling wells [13, 23.57, 61.74] in the Halfaya field, which the company holds Petrojayna developed under a contract awarded in licensing rounds operations."

He pointed out that "drilling five is part of the company's efforts to develop the field and raise its production rates in coordination with foreign companies, noting that the total number of wells drilled in Halfaya since the start of development operations reached 152 wells and an increase in production rates exceeded the 200 thousand barrels per day."

It produces Missan oil fields in total, more than 350 thousand barrels a day exported most of this amount through the ports of Basra.