Ebadi will attend the parliament on Saturday to complete the cabinet reshuffle
Hakim bloc: Abadi Parliament will attend on Saturday to complete the cabinet reshuffle

Thursday 28-04-2016
| 10:35:27

Twilight News / MP for the mass of the citizen and member of the legal committee of parliamentary Salim Chawki Thursday, it had been taking five technocrats figures from the cabin and the first Astaizhaarham to occupy ministerial positions that have been voted on condition that attend the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Saturday to complete the ministerial selection of " technocrats "and fill the remaining positions.

The MP said the bloc Salim Chawki, in a statement released Thursday that "in the end will be the decision of the House of Representatives in a vote of confidence in the new prime minister or not.".

He called Chawki to "parliamentary sessions held as usual, for the purpose of voting on important laws, such as laws broken a general amnesty and the Federal Court and the prosecution."