Maliki's coalition accuse the director of Interpol hold a "hidden deal" to issue an amnesty for Tariq al-Hashimi
Apr 28, 2016
BAGHDAD / Sky Press:
It accused the MP for the coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki emotions grace, Thursday, Director of the Interpol and the World Arabian Gen. Mahdi Shalabi hold a "hidden deal" for an amnesty against former Vice President of the Republic and required Iraq to eliminate Tariq al-Hashemi.

She said grace at a press conference at the parliament building, and attended "Sky Press," that "there is the issue being hatched in secret (fear) and quietly for an amnesty against criminal Tareq al-Hashemi, a group of terrorists who have confessed their crimes and claimed the lives of dozens of innocent citizens."

And revealed a blessing, that "the engine this case is Maj. Gen. Mahdi Shalabi, which serves as the INTERPOL Director of the International and Arab," indicating "This was a brigade accused, Tareq al-Hashemi and detained for several months and the confessions that he was leaking information when he was interior intelligence director has he masterminded the plan to arrest officers Department investigators and the expulsion under the command of the administration. "

And Asttrt "is now summoned the people of the families of the convicts to testify in front of the Director of the Ministry of internal affairs investigators that the officers tortured prisoners during the interrogation and confession by force to include Hashimi general amnesty or a special of the prime minister or the president."

She warned the MP, Major General and, behind it to "reveal all the cards, communications, correspondence, agreements and correspondence between him and the people of the governed," noting, "We will summon him for investigation in the House of Representatives also call on the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to protect the officers investigators who oversaw the case of the criminal al-Hashimi and are now among the homeless and missing. hoping to open the case file before the people a surprising exit Hashemi special amnesty as Mohammed al-Daini. "

The local source revealed, first Tuesday, entry required by the Iraqi judiciary and sentenced to death in absentia Tareq al-Hashemi and former finance minister is required to eliminate the Iraqi Rafie al-Issawi to Mosul misleading car carrying Turkish flags.

Officials and deputies in the Nineveh province, revealed in, earlier, all the obstacles that stand in front of liberation of Mosul, including the absence of a plan for the management of the province after organizing Daash terrorist, as well as fears of revenge post-editing operations, as well as disagreements over the administrative border.

It is said that the US had promised earlier, to deploy more US troops in Iraq as well as the use of Apache helicopters fighting to increase pressure on al Daash and support troops in the processes of liberalization, while US President Barack Obama favored the restoration of the army of the city of Mosul in the end.