Agreement to change the government in 2014 .. and Abadi postpone completion of ministerial amendments to Saturday

2016-04-27 21:33:01 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi succeeded, on Tuesday, passing the five ministers from the "closed envelope", which described the candidates as "technocrats" list, with the reservation to the candidates of three other ministries, including a replacement for Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari.

He lost the Dawa Party, in the fourth amendment, one of the ministries, to be given to the figure , "Sunni Muslim", while the share of the last component in the Ministry of Electricity has turned into a candidate from Sabean.

On the other hand managed to Hussain al - Shahristani, from paying the alternative candidate for the office of the Ministry of Higher Education, as the parliament failed to pass two other ministries.

The number of protesters attacked the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, the Prime Minister and threw water bottles at him, and prevented him from view the new his cabinet amid an atmosphere of hoopla.

Prime Minister participated in a meeting called by the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri to vote at the ministerial, which is opposed by the major political blocs change. But the protesters who carried the dismissal of the Presidium of the parliament in a controversial session two weeks ago , the House of Representatives, considered the meeting illegal, and chanted "invalid" and "no legitimacy."

In spite of the rejection of a number of deputies to the legitimacy of the hearing, which they said that the quorum was not achieved it, where the presence of 140 deputies, the prime minister began his address , which was scheduled to announce a cabinet reshuffle.

By then, the number of deputies in the parliament of the protesters threw water bottles toward the platform on which he was standing behind her Abadi. Following this, an argument broke out between the protection of the prime minister and MPs who attacked him, and took the prime minister claims for fear of being harmed. The army also deployed heavily outside the hall in an unprecedented spectacle.

The MP Hanan al, one of the most prominent of Representatives of the protesters who attacked the al - Abadi, said that the last speaker of parliament demanded her arrest and a number of objectors Representatives.

The scenes of "Constitutional Hall"

And it turned the session after the chaos and cracking of the Council of the furniture before the House of Representatives of the protesters to "Constitutional Hall", another hall within the Council.

For his part, opposition MP, Kazem Sayadi, in a video posted on his page on "Facebook", " The House of Representatives in the Constitutional Hall closed the room from the inside and prevented the protesters from entering their colleagues."

And it saw a "constitutional hall" session, the presence of 183 deputies, who voted on the five new ministers out of 10, according to the mass of the solution in the House of Representatives President Mohamed Karbouli.

He described Karbouli, in an interview with the (range), " The House of Representatives who entered the hall they are constitutional even more opposed to Ebadi of the protesters, and that their coup against the latter is very easy unless he is committed to save the balance."

He denies coalition forces, the political umbrella of Iraq, to be the fulfillment Mahdavikia, Minister of the new work, the candidates of the bloc, saying it was nominated prime minister 's office.

Karbouli says that " the Mahdi Keywords is chosen from James Baldwin, the Ministry of Planning and then turned to the Ministry of Labour." Keywords and is the head of al - Abadi Office Agency.

The committee rejected the parliamentary immigration, earlier merged with the Department of Immigration and Labour, as James Baldwin refused to take this bag.

The Ministry of Labour 's share among the Dawa Party and assumed Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, who was assigned to him, late last year, the task of the Ministry of Commerce acting administration after the exemption former Mlas its minister Abdul Karim.

Conversely parliament voted on Abdul Razak al - Issa, the Ministry of Higher Education, rather than al - Shahristani.

The informed sources have said (range) that "Eisa al - Shahristani is a candidate." The minister Alternative name also appeared within the chest list , which included about 90 names.

Conversely assigned the Ministry of Water Resources, which was the share of the Sadrist movement, to Hassan al - Janabi. Iraq 's current ambassador in Japan. Parliament also voted on Ala Disher, the Ministry of Electricity. A character from "Alsabiah" community. As the ministry was one of the coalition forces share.

So I went to the Ministry of Health to Alaa Mubarak. With the last name came within the chest lists provided by the prime minister and parliament early April.

Failure to pass three ministries

Karbouli points out that Parliament did not pass the filter and the Ministry of Education Ali al - Jubouri, the lack of access and the current Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal, enough votes for his dismissal. 62 , where the voice of the dismissal of the latter, out of 183 deputies.

It also repeated with the Ministry of Justice candidate Mohammed Nasrallah, where he failed to vote on the dismissal of the current minister Haidar al - Zamili, as 72 deputies voted against it .

As the head of the solution confirms that " the objections against the candidate of the Foreign Ministry Sharif Ali bin al - Hussein prevented put the name Ibrahim al - Jaafari to vote on his dismissal , " pointing out that " the deputies objected to Sharif Ali as the Fed does not believe in Iraq."

On the other hand refused to Parliament, merging ministries or lay ministers by proxy. Parliament agreed with al - Abadi to keep the cabin on the 22 ministerial portfolio.

As a result, he refused to vote on the nomination of Akil Mahdi, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Agency. He also denied, yesterday, the Minister of Youth and Sports current Abdul Hussain Abtan, a member of the Supreme Council, the news of his dismissal. Mehdi name appeared among the candidates of the chest.

The parliamentary committee has rejected after he gave the prime minister a "closed envelope" the beginning of April to the current parliament, merging the Ministry of Culture and sport, as Nasrallah rejected the nomination of the Justice Department, and al - Jubouri , the Ministry of Education.

Saturday session scenario

Prime Minister is expected to provide the rest of the ten ministers, five of them who failed to obtain the confidence of parliament, again next Saturday, having been extended a deadline to complete the cabin two days , instead of Thursday. Parliament agenda of the meeting on Thursday did not include complete display cabinet reshuffle despite Abadi pledged, in Tuesday 's session, complete it in two days.

MPs are also likely to present candidates for the prime minister to the ministries of oil, planning in the Saturday session.

Hamdan says Sajjad, an MP for the Dawa Party , in a telephone conversation with (range) that " the head of government will change all of his government, will not be content with the amendment."

And demanding carpets, calculated on the team Abadi, the latter to stay away from " the influence of political parties" in the selection of the remaining members of his booth, and invited him to "go ask technocrats as he did Tuesday."

But Karbouli stresses the need to respect Abadi ingredients and takes into account the balance in the rest of the names that will be provided gradually in front of Parliament.

Confirms Forces Union member , he said "blocs will withdraw confidence from the prime minister if it ignores the balance." Also it suggests that the groups had agreed to not stay any Minister of the Government of 2014, including the ministers of interior and defense.