Activating the production needs to be a partnership public and private sectors

4/28/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb
is the industrial sector , the most important starting point for the process of economic development pursued by the country axes, especially with the availability of primary resources , which are the elements of success to rotate the wheel of production within the country and make the local capital cycle with a positive effect for all chock sectors.

Vice President Baghdad Economic Forum spokesman Antoine stressed the importance that the integration work between all stakeholders in the public and private sectors in order to achieve the objectives of the promotion of the local industrial production, pointing out that there should be full to facilitate the process of the supply of equipment and production lines and delivering them to work sites, confirming the presence of thousands of factories in the country suffers from its inability to compete with the importer. exceptions for projects and demanded that there be exceptions for industrial projects approved that want to update productivity and new lines , which in Toralanchae and rely on estimating need only instructions from the Ministry of trade and demanding unions do for its members.

He said in an interview with «morning» that the development of industrial production must be matched by action towards the protection of the domestic product of unequal competition with non - specific foreign products that offer local markets randomly, referring to the importance of directing regulators to carry out its duty to combat commercial fraud and activation of the consumer Protection Act and the formation of oversight committees of the relevant authorities to follow market and prevent industrial fraud. customs systems Antoine stressed the application of Industrial investment Law No. 20 of 1998 in the industrial exemption from the capital and municipal secretariat of the fees, and the issuance of instructions and wrote of the Industrial development Directorate to facilitate the mechanisms of action away from the Aldgz extortion, urging the development of the customs campus system to benefit from advanced customs systems adopted in the developed world.

He stressed the need to form a joint committee of stakeholders mission calendar industrial projects and determine the size and set new standards for their work, as well as forcing government departments to buy the national product quality and factory in accordance with international standards by at least 20 percent of its needs without resorting to import and instruct it urged manufacturers to abide by Iraqi and foreign specifications. jobs and had demanded Antoine opened a civil quality laboratories of specialists to relieve the Central Organization for Standardization and quality control, and urged the relevant authorities so interesting , rather than go to foreign companies and create jobs for local expertise and issuing legislation and the law or instructions that guide the private sector and young graduates of this trend, and should be documented and create a correlation between the Ministry of Industry and industrialists from the private and mixed sector and instruct industrial to exempt contributions from previous years in the renewal of identity in industrial development.

He urged the formation of an industrial higher council with the Ministry of Industry and unions professional to solve intractable problems facing the sector and to overcome obstacles, as well as the formation of a committee to follow up the pharmaceutical industry and solving their problems.