Investment knowledge economy to achieve economic development

4/28/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al - Hashimi
called for a specialist in the field of electronic and online software engineer on a known state institutions and private sector companies of investment to exploit the knowledge economy of the scientific output of universities in Iraq to achieve economic development. He is known in an interview with «morning» that Iraq is witnessing a revolution in the use of technology, especially of the younger generation, stressing that scientific universities abound minds of a number of creative students is reason to exploit this need and using them for mutual benefit between the investors and developers and electronic applications.

He pointed out the developed countries were not to witness the evolution of not going to invest the knowledge economy and employment in the economy of the country service whether this investment from government institutions or companies belonging to the private sector. It is known that the University of technology and saw, for example , has opportunities for scientific innovation with economic dimensions, pointing out that Research graduate students did not invest actively yet knowing that including research maybe if put on universities to quickly turn to the presentation of the investment being not devoid of economic sense.

He said the government spent on education for students amounts should benefit from Tmradtha in the creativity of minds and Investment scientific productions in working life and employment in order to serve the citizen and the country alike , and as is the case in most countries in the developed world. it is noteworthy that a large number of economists called for in symposia and statements to the need to pay attention to this aspect and the exploitation of the knowledge economy and draw up plans to benefit from the creations of students in universities scientific whether by the government through a contract with them to work or the private sector to buy patents for their graduation projects at the economic feasibility check them.