Interior: The delivery of more than 100,000 national card in eight provinces

The number of visits: 181 Published on: 27/4/2016, 22:03 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

The Interior Ministry announced that it delivered more than 100,000 national card for citizens in eight provinces so far.

According to a ministry statement said, "Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban chaired today the weekly meeting of the Supreme National Committee of the card, in the presence of the concerned authorities and the chock of the project, the meeting discussed the achievements of the decisions of the previous meeting and the stages of labor, infrastructure and permanent and temporary in Baghdad and the provinces, as well as determine to be achieved through goals the next phase. "

They also discussed "the ongoing work phases for the opening of registration services within the Baghdad area, specifically in the departments conditions [Kadhimiya and Karkh and Mansour and Mahmudiya, Karrada and New Baghdad, in addition to the constituencies of the conditions of Basra center and stronghold in Basra province within a period ranging from one month to two months]."

The Minister of the Interior during the meeting on "the need for the opening of the rest of the national card departments in order to provide services to all Iraqis in all districts, counties, were also at the meeting to form a technical committee for the project to follow up on issues concerning communications and things are emerging related technology work e-government from within the Supreme Committee of the card , where he will present the position of her work it contains all the details. "

The search conferees "stages of work in all operating departments to the project as completed Directorate of National Card and under the supervision and follow-up by the interior minister and since the start of work by 105 250 card and handed over to the citizens in the 11 circle which [Adhamiya, Al Rashidiya, Sadr City, the Jisr Diyala, Kut, Karbala , Najaf, Muthanna, Suq in Dhi Qar, Siba in Basra, Arbil / East]. "