Whales financial corruption and manipulative deposits of citizens .. North Bank model ..

Wednesday 27-04-2016 | 4:59:14

Fakhri Karim / Started instigator of the Prime Minister to act against the strongholds of corruption in the sectors of finance and business , which the two most prominent symbols of corruption in the country, and I mean between the Onihm whales banking sector, including the large number of Translated this "R" which is the economic lifeline, and faults in it It reflected a disaster for society and the state and their development.

"Long" it was published documents compelling about the corruption of this sector and tampering with public money, whether through the gate of the currency auction, or rather sell the currency and smuggling, or visual means and other channels of money laundering and recycled in a suspected Ssuytha the economics of the country.

It was supposed to be reactions Bank Central, as the first question in this sector, which is responsible for monitoring it and working to prevent banks from trespassing on the rights of depositors and their money .. it was supposed to take strong measures, not only some of the financial sanctions against what he described as the bank "violators" of controls sell the currency, and at the same time coordination with judicial authorities to follow up on what you are doing against the whales banking financial corruption. Central management may have done what you see competence her, but duty - bound them to circulate that they have taken to protect public money, and go to promote a financial culture among concerned citizens , some of them to turn at least to the eyes of sentinel expose abuses.

What is clear , and between, the central bank has failed to protect the rights of thousands of depositors ' funds and individuals, in addition to companies, institutions and special interests, including the authorities and media institutions. This failure and neglect under connected so far, putting at risk the serious situation of thousands of families, deposited or that receive salaries and bonuses of institutions and interests deposited in private banks, and including Foundation "term" which have deposited what she has in the North Bank pretext of "anonymous trust , " President of the Board of Directors Dry Nawzad.

Although informed the central bank governor and his administration responsible for the supervision of private banks, this situation a year ago and more, and complaints of depositors, some of whom were forced to sell assets at a loss to double, the governor and his aides remained committed to the silence of the Sphinx, as if the erosion of conditions in which thousands of Iraqis and displays their interests at risk because of poor North Bank management and manipulation deposits subtle ways, do not concern them are not included in this form or that at the heart of their specialty.

The most prominent shareholders of North Bank and members of its board of Directors , and indicate the facts, and that if other banks, bought over the years , dozens of factories and companies and real estate projects, and these properties cover many cities and various investments, are skeptical affected by the bank 's policy of outsourcing these investments, stressing that it had withdrawn from the deposit in the bank crooked ways and away from the keenness of essential connected to the control of the central bank, but that the central administration has not obscured by the bank and his ilk from the sale of currency window, as he did not take the initiative to take over the deposit reserve bank has to withdraw deposits and withdrawals records, to take over the bank dues depositors exchange management.

Among the few officials property in the board of the Bank, a group of investment returns for each of the gentlemen Nawzad dry Saad Faik his elbow and Tariq Hassan and Essam al - Asadi: residential towers, cement Delta plant, a large basket of stocks in the Asia Cell, the largest plant drugs in Sulaimaniya, Gypsum plant in Sulaimaniyah, plant for the manufacture of non - alcoholic beverages cans, shares group at PepsiCo Baghdad, markets in Baghdad and Sulaimaniya , Hotel Babylon, a private aircraft transfer, company supply kinds of foreign cigarettes, as well as dozens of other investments, vast lands and properties as the Nawzad dry Saad Faik his elbow in Baghdad on the Tigris River, Abu Nawas and Jadiriyah, including a great host. Among the depositors Organization of Kurdistan to help cancer patients that have deposited 6 billion dinars collected from benevolent people and dozens of other investments.

The question remains, if this is happening in the private banks did not does not enter into the door of corruption and financial absurd, is not linked to firmly fix Mr. Haider al - Abadi, not box in the attention and the validity of the central bank, what is the characterization of corruption? Will the central bank , which it was said that billions of dollars have crept from his window to sell the currency, not between reform and change targets, or that his administration " is safeguarded irresponsible" ?!

follow - prone days other models in this area than reform concealed what awaits is possible that overlooks the gate albeit timidly, suspended and may emanate light at the end of this dark tunnel.