Financial able to restore more than 510 billion dinars to the state treasury

Views 55 Date 27/04/2016 - 03:05
Economy News / Baghdad

The Ministry of Finance announced today that the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry was able to recover more than 510 billion dinars to the state treasury .

The ministry said in a statement received "Economy News", a copy of that through the investigation and audit , which is being handled by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance Office in coordination with the relevant authorities regarding the monitoring irregularities and take Almqtadhah action on abuses of public funds enable the Office to recover the actual amount (510,896,342,442) five hundred and ten billion eight hundred and ninety six million three hundred and forty - two thousand four hundred and forty - two dinars to the public treasury of the state during the year 2015 ".

Indicated in its statement that there are other amounts estimated at 67 billion dinars recommended retrieved with issues represent an amount of 41 billion dinars under investigation and amounts to prevent wastage is estimated at 38 billion dinars .

He pointed out that the amounts mentioned refundable after the violations and abuses of public funds within the sectors (banks and customs , and retirement and estate taxes and state and other .

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