More than 1,200 card version of the survivors Oesideat
(survivors of Daash attacks)

Views 52 Date 27/04/2016 - 01:18
Economy News / Baghdad

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem , in a statement received "Economy News", a copy of " The ministry has set a priority to include Alaesideat survivors of Daash gangs subsidizing social protection due to their living conditions and to what they had experienced it as a result of criminal operations carried out by the terrorist Daash their right gangs and which generated the consequences of psychological affected for them, pointing out that the social protection of women 's department issued a smart card in 1226 Yazidi woman's in order to subsidize coverage of social protection. "

He said the ministry will include Alaesideat the next installment of the subsidy of social protection for three months, pointing out that comprehensive measures has after conducting field visits by the follow - up section in the Department of Women and the Commission of Human Rights to displacement camps. "

Menem said that " the ministry has a team working with the Human Rights Commission in the Kurdistan region to follow the displaced people in shelters or camps for the purpose of inclusion of the beneficiaries of them who meet the controls inclusive social protection program."

He said the "Sudanese Minister Mohammad Xiaa instructed inclusion Alaesideat subsidizing social protection and stressed that the soft Hmohin Asttnaihn procedures with the applicable regulations be considerate of their circumstances difficult

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