Leap dollar

Author: Yasser incumbent

4/27/2016 0:00

He did not want speculators currency to give a chance for a few a few days to the dollar in order to return to normal any unstable situation in the border , which settled then for a long time, if we compare the sale of the official dollar trading price price, we will find a difference is reasonable, but behind this act is responsible? It seems that speculators to not care so much important market stability seize the opportunity for rapid enrichment of taking advantage of the general situation and concern for the government and the street of the problem and the current challenges.

But let 's discuss it on the backburner, the beneficiary of the chaos of the fluctuation of exchange rates? Anyone who has followed the case of the Iraqi market groping closely recession, yes indicators and clear in all goods , food and luxury goods both in the price of cars or real estate, so that rents and prices of chronic diseases and incurable rose to two and upon inquiry of pharmacists come to you the answer, and God dollar went up?
If the prices of all food and commercial luxury ones and basic goods are falling , however goods confluent, with this case should be that the demand for the dollar decreases in logical analysis, the question is whether the drug dealers only respond or acquiesce to the whims of monopolists?

Just questions looking for answers satisfactory, do not think that the manifestations Depression encouraging traders to re - import, means that the demand for the dollar is assumed to decline but the problem in the increase as a matter of that? Bible , the time at which we looking for ways to ensure the return of capital immigrant to build the country find that the big traders Almlmon belongings for migration adverse to the target, meaning so that the stakeholders of the senior and middle - potential traders are mindful of the demand for the dollar.

The noise of prices and exchange rate economic war must be addressed, have already us that we warned of the danger of the next recession must be urgent action to address it, but without avail, will seek stakeholders to put this phenomenon of interest and find a solution?