Parliament end the crisis of legitimacy and vote on the ministers "closed envelope" .. Abadi and vows to complete the amendment in two days

2016-04-26 23:43:06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Parliament ended a crisis which lasted for more than two weeks, to convene a meeting restored confidence boss Saleem al - Jubouri and his two deputies who were dismissed in a previous session held 170 deputies.

Representatives of the protesters attempts did not succeed to prevent the meeting , which exceeded the presence of a quorum, which ranged between 170-180 deputies. The session witnessed altercations between the objectors of Representatives and the Prime Minister over the last Baknana throwing water.

And failed, during the past few days, all efforts to reach a satisfactory settlement , because of the positions of all parties. While al - Jubouri insisted on presiding over the joint session, which have been scheduled on Sunday, stuck sitters MPs refusing to return the crew presidency of the parliament of the article.

And entered Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri and his two deputies to the parliament building amid tight security. Following an invitation to al - Jubouri , the hearing, which was boycotted by Ktlta Badr and virtue, chanted slogans sitters Representatives confirms the illegitimacy of the session.

Addressing Jubouri, after the start of the meeting, protesters deputies by saying that " the people waiting for your achievement and not disrupt meetings of the Council , " stressing that " the next stage requires us a great effort and a further, in order to improve the level of services to citizens, and must do our utmost to provide all the well - off kits ".

According to parliamentary sources, the talks lasted until the late hours of Monday evening, led to a political agreement to hold the parliament session and re - consideration of Saleem al - Jubouri and his two deputies that raises Abadi Ministerial amended in the same session.

Revealed high - level sources (range), refused to disclose the identity, the political agreement that included passing the half reshuffle of "closed envelope" to satisfy the chest which stuck for the last period put them in front of the parliament list.

The signs of a rapprochement between the chest and the head of parliament has suggested the balance of the government "closed envelope", presented by al - Abadi for the first time, in March. And pay - Sadr 's decision to pull his deputies protesters inside the parliament to disavow Saleem al - Jubouri for "document of honor" , which was signed along with eight of the leaders of political blocs , including president of the Republic and the Cabinet.

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al - Hakim has released the document that stipulates time limits political and government reform, and stress the importance of balance in the distribution of ministerial and administrative positions, which was rejected by the chest and the face of his barbs.

Although a quorum the session is completed on Tuesday, but the cheers that echoed sitters House in conjunction with the presence of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi led to the transfer of the proceedings of the meeting to the "Great Hall."

And led quarrel between some MPs of the protesters and the protections of the Prime Minister, which has developed into an exchange of Baknana water, to the latter leaves and moves to the constitutional chamber.

Abadi made ​​a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to vote on the 10 ministers after the dismissal of the current colleagues, excluded the sovereign Caldakhlah, defense, oil and finance ministries.

And had five ministers from the government "closed envelope", they are the ministers of health, water resources, higher education, and electricity, we are confident the House of Representatives, while the House of Representatives refused to vote to merge the ministries of youth and sports culture. Valley objection Kurdish blocs to nominate Al - Sharif Ali Bin Al Hussein as foreign minister to defer action on it.

House of Representatives voted unanimously to nominate Ala rich and Minister of Health and meet James Baldwin, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. Parliament also voted to nominate al - Janabi , a minister of water resources, and Alaa Disher and Minister of Electricity and Abdul Razzaq al - Issa, Minister for Higher Education.

The House of Representatives failed to grant confidence to Ali al - Jubouri and Mohammed Nasrallah, the candidates for the portfolios of Education and Justice.

Furthermore, Deputy denied the Kurdistan Alliance, said yesterday, the House vote on the dismissal of the Minister of Culture Faryad Roandzi allocated to vote on the cabin ministerial session of parliament.

The MP said Abdul Bari Zebari said in an interview to the (long - Presse), "The House of Representatives did not discuss the dismissal of the Minister of Culture Faryad Roandzi did not vote on it." Zebari said, " The parliament also did not discuss the subject of merging the Ministries of Culture, Youth and Sports."

Prior to that, the parliament voted to accept the resignation of all of Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, Minister of Labour and trade agency, Mohsen Bird and Minister of Justice, as well as voting to accept the sacking of Adila Hammoud, Minister of Health and Environment.

The Abadi, after the vote on the candidates and his ministers, said that " the reshuffle as part of a comprehensive reform," vowing to "provide the rest of the cabinet reshuffle during the next two days." He said al - Abadi intention to choose the heads of independent bodies of technocrats after the completion of the reshuffle, according to a statement to the House of Representatives had seen him (range) yesterday.

Furthermore, he said the speaker of parliament, according to the statement, " The last period took place in the absence of the practices of the parliamentary majority and outside the rules of procedure , " noting that " the Presidency of the Council of Representatives will take all the legal procedures for those who wanted to portray things as they really are ."